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  1. In Topic: if all answers were negative

    Posted 17 Apr 2016

    In the following function, don't use document.write to display your message.
    Doing so, after the pages have been rendered, causes the site to reload as from the start.

      function validate(){
      if(document.getElementById('answer_2').checked) {
      document.write("We're sorry for our quality of service please feel free to leave us feedback.");
      }else {
      document.write("Thank you for being a part of Aaron Telco. We're glad you are pleased with our services.");
  2. In Topic: What to use to display schedule?

    Posted 27 Dec 2015

    View Postjaa150, on 27 December 2015 - 06:44 AM, said:

    Actually if I have to I am going to code it all by yourself. Bu I thought that there is maybe some library that could help.
    Thanks for help :)/>

    Not enough information for me even if a library was available (of which I know none). Pass.
  3. In Topic: What to use to display schedule?

    Posted 26 Dec 2015

    If you are not going to code it yourself,
    you are going to need to supply a lot more information about the problem or project. :helpsmilie:
  4. In Topic: Trying to convert decimal to hex

    Posted 9 Aug 2015

    You need to get out more (too tense). It was not a critical comment.
    I was not being critical of your typing skills as mine are much worse. :surrender:

    Just for other beginners who may have tried your code and did no further troubleshooting.
    The code works fine in your link (if they bothered to go any further).
    Just added a bit of extra space between the characters to avoid the abrupt termination of the line.
  5. In Topic: Trying to convert decimal to hex

    Posted 6 Aug 2015

    View Postbaavgai, on 02 August 2015 - 03:57 PM, said:

    This looked kind of fun. Note, more functions more gooder:
    function updateProperties() {
      var getHex = function(id) { return toHexComponent(Number(document.getElementById(id).value)); };
      var r = getHex("red");
      var g = getHex("green");
      var b = getHex("blue");
      updateColor("#" + r + g + B)/>/>;

    Try here.

    Minor correction at line #22.
      updateColor( "#" + r + g + b );

    Appears to be related to forum's display.

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