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  1. In Topic: Big Menu - an Linux equivalent "Start" menu

    Posted 3 Nov 2013

    jrootmenu.tar.bz2 (171.8 KB)

    3 November 2013
    • Additional expander icons
    • Allows for creation of Yes/No dialogs
    • New sample themes in the configuration file

    6 November 2013
    • Custom icon support
    • XML configuration file's structure altered slightly

    I had an issue while testing alternate themes wherein I meant to restart JRootMenu but instead inadvertently selected the option to restart my system. So as to avoid the same mistake twice, I figured the user should be prompted before executing a command if it happens to be a particularly important one (logout/restart/shutdown for instance). The way this is accomplished from the configuration file is by adding a caption="" attribute to the <Shell> element. Thus, when a user clicks that particular item in the menu, a dialog will appear with the user-defined message asking if he wishes to proceed with the action or decline it. Here's an example from the configuration file:
    <Shell caption="Shut down computer?">sudo systemctl poweroff</Shell>

    Screenshot of newest features
    Posted Image
  2. In Topic: Code check for jFrame

    Posted 1 Nov 2013

    Try if you want to compile your code while away.
  3. In Topic: K Means Clustering Algorithm

    Posted 1 Nov 2013

    Is it correct to say that given the example data set I'm using (12 numbers, and 3 clusters) there would be 12 * 11 * 10 possible initial guesses? I don't see much use in choosing the same three numbers as initial guesses i.e. 12 * 12 * 12.
  4. In Topic: GMOs: Why would anyone think they're safe?

    Posted 23 Oct 2013

    I'll show you a bug.
  5. In Topic: Raspbian/Ubuntu: configuring DHCP to provide an IP address

    Posted 23 Oct 2013

    I imagine you've already taken this route, but have you posted on the Raspi forums? As jimblumberg stated, you will also require a crossover cable. Inasmuch as DHCP providing the IP automatically, I'm unsure how to proceed. However, I did post a dev blog where I was transferring files between two linux machines, one acting as a server and the other as a client. Specifically, the procedure for setting up IPs on each machine may be of use to you (if only for testing that you have a connection between the Raspi and your laptop). While I was looking for ways to do that I came across the netcat utility. You may be able to google something like netcat dhcpcd and see if someone has done something similar for network connectivity. If you're having trouble with Raspbian you might try the Arch image. I own a Raspi and have it set up that way, and if its only purpose is as a microcontroller, I find that Arch network setups tend to be fairly foolproof, at least when dealing with wired connections.

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