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  1. In Topic: QRyptex - 256 bit AES encrypted QR codes

    Posted 15 Jan 2015

    No the project is not mine mod123_1, the author of the project is a friend of mine from college. I told him I'd post it up here on Dream.In.Code. The Kickstarter page pretty much tells you all the stuff involved, but I can always reiterate.

    The application basically encodes text data using the AES 256-bit protocol, nothing too dissimilar from any other encryption application, like say TrueCrypt. The next step is probably what's more interesting in that it sequences the data into a series of barcodes, specifically QR codes, hence the name. The decryption step, from what he's explained to me, uses the webcam. You input your QR codes via your camera, and when done, input the password for decryption. The original text is returned to you, so you have a paper-based method of storing sensitive data.

    Technologies I know it uses, Java, and along with it three major open source libraries: OpenIMAJ (for webcam), ZXing (for barcodes), and Bouncy Castle (for crypto).

    @kiparsky: I think the point is you can purchase the software if you have some use for it. He didn't set up... "milestones" I think? The things you see on other Kickstarters where the project is altered or improved in some way if an arbitrary funding amount is reached. Do milestones affect whether or not you choose to fund a project? I'll pass the idea along, might help him get funded.
  2. In Topic: Big Menu - an Linux equivalent "Start" menu

    Posted 3 Nov 2013

    jrootmenu.tar.bz2 (171.8 KB)

    3 November 2013
    • Additional expander icons
    • Allows for creation of Yes/No dialogs
    • New sample themes in the configuration file

    6 November 2013
    • Custom icon support
    • XML configuration file's structure altered slightly

    I had an issue while testing alternate themes wherein I meant to restart JRootMenu but instead inadvertently selected the option to restart my system. So as to avoid the same mistake twice, I figured the user should be prompted before executing a command if it happens to be a particularly important one (logout/restart/shutdown for instance). The way this is accomplished from the configuration file is by adding a caption="" attribute to the <Shell> element. Thus, when a user clicks that particular item in the menu, a dialog will appear with the user-defined message asking if he wishes to proceed with the action or decline it. Here's an example from the configuration file:
    <Shell caption="Shut down computer?">sudo systemctl poweroff</Shell>

    Screenshot of newest features
    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: Code check for jFrame

    Posted 1 Nov 2013

    Try if you want to compile your code while away.
  4. In Topic: K Means Clustering Algorithm

    Posted 1 Nov 2013

    Is it correct to say that given the example data set I'm using (12 numbers, and 3 clusters) there would be 12 * 11 * 10 possible initial guesses? I don't see much use in choosing the same three numbers as initial guesses i.e. 12 * 12 * 12.
  5. In Topic: GMOs: Why would anyone think they're safe?

    Posted 23 Oct 2013

    I'll show you a bug.

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