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  1. In Topic: Error in tutorial

    Posted 12 Mar 2015

    GetSet, you're encouraging a procedural style approach on a cart system? Isn't the cart system the perfect project for using OOP?

    In your opinion, how does OOP suck major? I've always found that less code is the easiest way to go - less area for errors and less code repitition.
  2. In Topic: How to tell my boss his work sucks

    Posted 5 Mar 2015

    View PosttlhIn`toq, on 05 March 2015 - 01:54 PM, said:

    The problem with the "just do it" approach is that the boss may want to do more with the project after one of his PAID EMPLOYEES does what he's told by cleaning it up.

    I see what you're saying, but the issue is that I've not been asked to clean up the code. My main job is to finish the project and deliver a working application. It just seems counter-productive to continue a project built on a bad foundation, which will probably cause more problems down the line.

    I'm just starting fresh now, thanks for the advice guys.
  3. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 18 Feb 2015

    Working from home for a couple of weeks while our office is refurbished. Distractions are everywhere.
  4. In Topic: Signature of the Month (February 2015)

    Posted 13 Feb 2015

    I'm trying to work on something for this months theme, although I can't seem to settle on an idea. Need some inspiration.
  5. In Topic: index.php vs. index.html

    Posted 13 Feb 2015

    They are just file extensions. While .php files can contain php AND all the noraml front end languages, html files can only contain front end code like html, css and javascript.

    Chances are, you're php code is pulling in the code for the view from another file, if it's not in there. Look for a function called file_get_contents(). If you're unsure, post the contents of your index.php file here and we can let you know how it's getting the stuff you see in the browser.

    The other case would be that it's mixed in with the php code. ie

    //some code
    echo "<h1>This is my homepage</h1>";

    EDIT: Oh and just thought i'd mention that you shouldn't have both an index.php and a index.html file on the same directory. The server will look for either index file to serve to the browser if no other path is defined, so you should only have one. I believe most servers will load .html extensions in priority of .php files, but i could be wrong so don't quote me on that.

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