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  1. In Topic: ERROR: more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression

    Posted 29 Apr 2013

    Here are two query plans for the first coalesced subquery. They produce the same set of data
    but I'm not completely sure what all of the information here means.

    Can you see a reason that the first would not return the aforementioned multiple rows error and the second would?

    Nested Loop  (cost=1.05..17.16 rows=1 width=516) (actual time=0.156..1.687 rows=206 loops=1)
       ->  Nested Loop  (cost=1.05..16.84 rows=1 width=536) (actual time=0.151..1.026 rows=215 loops=1)
             ->  Hash Join  (cost=1.05..15.95 rows=3 width=40) (actual time=0.135..0.466 rows=215 loops=1)
                   Hash Cond: (pcfv.customfieldid = pcf.id)
                   ->  Seq Scan on prj_customfieldvalue pcfv  (cost=0.00..12.45 rows=645 width=60) (actual time=0.011..0.094 rows=645 loops=1)
                   ->  Hash  (cost=1.04..1.04 rows=1 width=20) (actual time=0.041..0.041 rows=1 loops=1)
                         Buckets: 1024  Batches: 1  Memory Usage: 1kB
                         ->  Seq Scan on prj_customfield pcf  (cost=0.00..1.04 rows=1 width=20) (actual time=0.036..0.037 rows=1 loops=1)
                               Filter: ((name)::text = 'InvoicingCountry'::text)
             ->  Index Scan using pk_prj_customfieldoption on prj_customfieldoption pcfo  (cost=0.00..0.29 rows=1 width=536) (actual time=0.002..0.002 rows=1 loops=215)
                   Index Cond: (id = pcfv.optionvalue)
       ->  Index Scan using pk_project on project p  (cost=0.00..0.30 rows=1 width=20) (actual time=0.002..0.003 rows=1 loops=215)
             Index Cond: (id = pcfv.projectid)
     Total runtime: 1.904 ms
    (14 rows)

    Seq Scan on "AO_19CA43_PROJECT_EXT" aoext  (cost=0.00..10.20 rows=20 width=516) (actual time=0.037..0.107 rows=206 loops=1)
     Total runtime: 0.189 ms
    (2 rows)

    EDIT: So it was indeed the COALESCEd subqueries that were causing the issue. The first 3 are unnecessary as the information they are trying to join is now all stored in the same table.

  2. In Topic: ERROR: more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression

    Posted 26 Apr 2013

    Tell me about ti Jack! I've been racking my brain for nearly two days now.
    I've tried running the COALESCEd subqueries independently but it doesn't seem possible to do this for some... ie the ones with complicated FROM and/or WHERE clauses.

    Essentially though, all that has changed between views is the p.id = pe.id WHERE clauses have been removed as those 2 tables have been merged and now each id is unique so I don't know why this should be a problem :(
  3. In Topic: How to migrate stored procedures between databases (Linux)

    Posted 14 Mar 2013

    Yep there is, but none of which I understand!

    Using your third link, I installed Postgres Enterprise Manager as I was hoping for
    some graphical application to do this by copying procs to the new database and just editing
    their information eg owner etc after copying but there doesnt seem to be a way to do this.

    I dont really understand how the Bash scripts work or what they do? It looks to me like they are used to make a backup of a database but I just need to take certain entities from an existing db and place them in a different schema on another existing db.
  4. In Topic: How to migrate stored procedures between databases (Linux)

    Posted 13 Mar 2013

    PostgreSQL databases,

    I'm currently using SQuirreL SQL to connect to and view them.

    Apologies for any lack of information. Databases are very new to me :)
  5. In Topic: Best language to use for a digital sign

    Posted 8 Mar 2013

    Ok, so the reason I wanted to kill the process was because when opening chrome
    in kiosk mode using java, there was no way to then exit the full screen, ie F11 doesnt work but,
    hitting ctrl+w is just as effective for me so I'll go with that and yes I agree, I was probably
    making a mountain out of a molehill but I just thought it would be simpler than it turned out
    to exit on a key stroke.

    Thanks for the help.

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    29 May 2013 - 12:16
    I'm referring to your keyboard input thread just so you know.
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    29 May 2013 - 12:16
    IDC if you're writing malware(Which you shouldn't do in Java anyways, FYI). The only way you're going to get any traction is to use the JNA/JNI libraries or something similar.
    Hope this helps.
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