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CodeTalk > I am moving

Posted 23 January 2010

Well, not me. My blog. I finally got my hands on a separate hosting account, and now I have my site/blog/resume/knowledge base here:

I will not be removing this blog (or changing it's type to a link that references the new site) for historical reasons (first place where I started blogging). So the posts that were...

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CodeTalk > PerformanceTweet 2.1 Released

Posted 10 January 2010

PerformanceTweet 2.1 is officially released.

Functionality changed/added:
    *Support for DM reports - now performance reports can be either published in the public feed or sent via DMs.
    *Added credential verification - the program will not attempt to send reports unless the credentials pass the validation process.
    *Minor bugs fixed

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CodeTalk > ASCII Shift - back and forth

Posted 03 January 2010

Sometimes you probably wanted to encrypt your message the easiest way possible. Maybe just for fun, maybe not. The ASCII shift method is probably the least secure "encryption" (if you can call it so) mechanism, but sometimes it is more than enough. So here is the function I came up with to perform this operation (written in C#):


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CodeTalk > Twitter as an error reporting mechanism

Posted 03 January 2010

My quest to discover the Twitter API continues. This time I was thinking of yet another use for Twitter as a messaging service, and I got an idea. Usually, when an application encounters an "obstacle" (read - critical error), it either shows the user a message, informing about the error or (sometimes) provides an option to send an error...

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CodeTalk > PerformanceTweet - Now on CodePlex

Posted 02 January 2010

Well, my Twitter API interest finally got me to work on PerformanceTweet - a project of mine that lets a computer send performance reports via Twitter. To make it easier for those interested in it to work with this application and to take a look under the hood, I decided that it will be a good idea to upload it on CodePlex. In this way, it will be...

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    19 Jun 2011 - 13:34
    pink?....who is Chris's next bitch?
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    11 Jun 2011 - 11:39
    What happen with the admin badge. I hope everything is ok
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    11 Jun 2011 - 11:13
    Why you pink! You were supposed to stay in those dungeons :P
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    21 May 2011 - 06:16
    Repped u to 700! :)
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