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  1. In Topic: How to know if a mail has been transfered or trashed?

    Posted 29 Sep 2015

    There isn't.

    You either need full access to the mail server, or use pseudo-indicators like image downloads. Remember that image downloads are not accurate themselves - I can open your email and choose not to download any images.
  2. In Topic: Building a Resume and Portfolio

    Posted 29 Sep 2015

    +1 to what Aston mentioned - building a portfolio as early as possible will always work to your advantage, especially if you worked on more complex projects. But not all is lost - you should be able to start on any cool projects yourself, put them on GitHub, put some blog posts out. By "cool projects" I don't mean basic "Hello World" applications - find something that is useful and maybe not well tackled by products out there. It will be a learning experience, but should get you pretty far.

    You could start by applying for junior positions, or for any position for that matter, as long as you can demonstrate your abilities, which can (and probably will) span both algorithms and fundamentals of the language.
  3. In Topic: Windows 10... What the pho?

    Posted 29 Sep 2015

    You must have enabled Insider builds in Windows Update settings, so nothing out of the ordinary here.
  4. In Topic: Difference in diplomas.

    Posted 29 Sep 2015

    View PostSandy15, on 24 September 2015 - 08:03 PM, said:

    View Postmodi123_1, on 24 September 2015 - 09:22 AM, said:

    Are you trolling me now? Seriously. That is the exact OPPOSITE of what I have said, or you should have gathered from this whole thread.

    I am sorry, I just want to clarify which diploma do companies prefer when requiring a diploma in CS.

    Usually CS means CS. Computer Science is a broad area that goes beyond just applied work, which is sometimes (depends on the program), not covered by other degrees.

    That being said, it should not deter you from applying, for example, for a CS job with a CE degree. It will all come down to your skills and knowledge most of the time.

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    Greeting from mireille i saw your profile today and i became interested in you and i will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address ([email protected]) i will give you my is my mail address i hope we can move from here.above. Mireille
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    19 Jun 2011 - 13:34
    pink?....who is Chris's next bitch?
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    What happen with the admin badge. I hope everything is ok
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    Why you pink! You were supposed to stay in those dungeons :P
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    Repped u to 700! :)
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