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  1. In Topic: Masked textbox for strings

    Posted 20 Dec 2014

    I went ahead and split this out from the tutorial it was a part of. Please feel free to continue the discussion here.
  2. In Topic: Best way to learn C++

    Posted 19 Dec 2014

    In college, we used "Data structures and other objects using C++" by Main and Savitch as our C++ introductory book (full disclosure: Main was my professor for the course). I found it to be a good course and enjoyed the book, though I already had a basis in C++ objects and had been programming for a few years before taking the course.

    So, based off of that, and of the two books you own, I would suggest looking at the "C++ from Control structures through objects" book. I expect it will parallel my data structures book alright.
  3. In Topic: Secret Satans 2014

    Posted 19 Dec 2014

    Alright, I have updated the OP with Modi's table (updated for Stonecipher's receipt).
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    Yeah, I am also taking 2 weeks off of work. It is going to be magical! I am going to clean my room, and then my closet (which I barely ever use, so it is a dumping ground currently...). I am also hoping to finish my HTTP server refactor over that time. We'll see how much progress is actually made.
  5. In Topic: Has Apple declined since Jobs passed?

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    I would argue that it could be related, but isn't necessarily related. Correlation doesn't imply causation and all that.

    The best thing Jobs did for the company (as far as I can tell) was focus them. He gave blunt answers and direction on the features they would and would not invest in getting added to their products. This allowed them to focus on those and disregard everything else. Now, this doesn't necessarily sound like a good thing, but it really does help.

    How many of us have side projects we are working on? Of those side projects, how many of them do you actually complete before finding a new shiny to chase?

    If you apply that to the larger scale of a company without having someone there to focus you on a specific task, it is very possible that you will wander off into the woods, or have your project changed out from under you requiring you to come up to speed on something completely different than you were just working on. This in turn causes issues as you have to ( A ) be trained on the new project, and ( B ) transfer of information isn't flawless. In all that can easily lead to some problems that one developer thought obvious never actually getting to the top of the list (or added to the list in the first place).

    And it isn't like this doesn't happen in the real world. I just lost a co-developer for 3 months to a different boxcar. That means that I am the primary developer (out of 1.5 allocated other people) for the boxcar. I don't know the components that the other developer was working in, which is going to slow down my development (specifically in those areas) and overall probably lead to bugs that wouldn't have originally been in the code base if we had been able to keep the team together for the entire boxcar. Now, based off of current allocations, he will be returning to this boxcar after his 3 months are up, but that's going to require him to context switch again and get back up to speed with 3 months of changes.

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    raghav.naganathan Icon

    25 Feb 2013 - 04:43
    Congrats on the 900 :) Perfect square :)
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    Nseiki102 Icon

    07 Oct 2011 - 08:59
    Thank You for your help. I greatly appreciate it.
  3. Photo

    BetaWar Icon

    15 Feb 2011 - 09:17
    No problem. I love JavaScript so it isn't anything terribly difficult. The hardest part is to come up with challenges that will get people interested and not scare everyone away until we at least are a bit more known :)
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    Dormilich Icon

    15 Feb 2011 - 00:42
    thanks for managing the JavaScript competition.
    best wishes, Dormi
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    Theaegd Icon

    28 Mar 2010 - 11:56
    I <3 opera
  6. Photo

    BetaWar Icon

    21 Feb 2010 - 11:21
    I think there are a few people who like IE, but we are the minority. I use it because I have grown up with it, it acts the most as I would expect it to (out of the major browsers) and I have grown accustom to its little quirks. Everyone talks about building things for FF then hacking for IE, but I find that Opera, IE, Chrome, and Sarafi normally work very close to the same, and FF is the outlier.
  7. Photo

    -=m0n1k3r=- Icon

    20 Feb 2010 - 21:11
    Serious Question(s): Are you the only user who prefers IE over all of the other browsers? I haven't seen anyone else with that marked...
    Also, why do you prefer it?
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