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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 27 Mar 2015

    Wishing people would make up their minds. I have had code out for review for a week now, and have had to change the approach 4+ times. Now, today, they tell me to put it back to what I originally had. Each modification requires running the test suite again (luckily that only takes about 15 minutes for this area of the code).
  2. In Topic: Video Games Currently Working On

    Posted 26 Mar 2015

    Recently, I have been playing through the Master Chief Collection. I am somewhere around half-way through Halo 2 at the moment. After that, I am looking towards getting Minecraft installed on a windows VM and seeing what has changed since I last played (probably a year ago). I have also been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm (Beta) lately.
  3. In Topic: Why can't BiS be used in TS problem ?

    Posted 25 Mar 2015

    No, we don't have any affiliation with the other forum (any other forum, as far as I know). It is just that some people get annoyed when they take the time to answer a question only to have had it answered elsewhere and the OP (poster) never comes back.

    Now, as far as your problem, assuming the N-Puzzle is just attempting to get:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8  

    Up to some value N in order then they are totally different problems.

    Starting off, we know the exact state that we want the N-puzzle to wind up in at the end. That is significantly harder to do with the traveling salesman problem, since you are attempting to find the shortest route between all of the cities such that you only visit each city once (though, visiting any city multiple times would lead to a non-optimal path, so it is a little redundant to say).

    How would you find the exact solution to the problem before starting out? Further, how do you prove that it is in fact the correct solution? You would have to exhaust all of the other possible solutions... which could take quite a while to do.

    So, sure the transition states between city A and B are the same as city B and A, but good luck finding the exact solution.
  4. In Topic: create table syntax error?

    Posted 25 Mar 2015

    auto_increment can only be used on primary keys, which you don't have any of in your query, so that is likely part of, or the entire problem. Also worth noting is that you can only have a single primary key per table.

    Now, as far as what the error means outside of that, I am not sure. MySQL doesn't always have the nicest error messages.

    Here's what appears to be an alright tutorial about primary keys and their uses:
  5. In Topic: Need a site review, please.

    Posted 25 Mar 2015

    It doesn't look bad, though there are some things I'd consider looking at.

    First thing I noticed was that the banner (logo) is pretty large. I have to scroll on the front page to get any detail, and even there it is just an image slideshow. I would consider adding a bit of information about what the company does there to make it more apparent of what they do. For the logo, I'd look at maybe shaving it down to 150px height, and placing the navbar beside it instead of under it (the nav items would be slightly more cramped, but I don't think it will look bad).

    The newsletter floating bar at the top of the page is good overall, I don't have a problem with it. However, when you minimize it, I noticed that the maximize (down arrow) we are given has a strange rounded rectangle under it. That doesn't really fit my expectations, and stands out since it is a different color than the arrow. I would probably just remove the rectangle altogether.

    I agree with modi on the training image being clickable, it is strange. Especially since it just takes you to the image file. I would suggest removing that.

    The about us page looks pretty good from what I saw, though I'd like a slightly darker font color to make reading the standard text easier (the heading text was fine, though it may also need to be darkened as a result of the body text being darkened to look right).

    On the contact us page, the form elements are _really_ bright, it is a little painful having that gold there, and white text on top of it is a bit difficult to read. I'd consider changing the standard form element background color to some sort of grey, with the gold as a "warning/error" color if the user filled a field in with invalid data (such as the email address not matching the generic email pattern). I also noticed that the addition of a 1px red border on the form elements when hovering over them causes them to shift, I would suggest giving the elements a 1px border by default and just changing the color if you want that effect so they don't have a shift on the page. I'd also suggest using a non-red color for the default border (red says that I have an error in the field, and if it is blank I shouldn't be getting an error at that point).

    On the courses offered page, I am seeing 2 courses stacked on top of each other with a significant amount of whitespace beside each. I expect that these are meant to be side-by-side or have an image on the side...

    In the footer, I notice that the address is floating right, but displaying under the copyright information, I would see about getting this to be side-by-side again, as I think it would look cleaner.

    Hopefully that helps some!

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    raghav.naganathan Icon

    25 Feb 2013 - 04:43
    Congrats on the 900 :) Perfect square :)
  2. Photo

    Nseiki102 Icon

    07 Oct 2011 - 08:59
    Thank You for your help. I greatly appreciate it.
  3. Photo

    BetaWar Icon

    15 Feb 2011 - 09:17
    No problem. I love JavaScript so it isn't anything terribly difficult. The hardest part is to come up with challenges that will get people interested and not scare everyone away until we at least are a bit more known :)
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    Dormilich Icon

    15 Feb 2011 - 00:42
    thanks for managing the JavaScript competition.
    best wishes, Dormi
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    Theaegd Icon

    28 Mar 2010 - 11:56
    I <3 opera
  6. Photo

    BetaWar Icon

    21 Feb 2010 - 11:21
    I think there are a few people who like IE, but we are the minority. I use it because I have grown up with it, it acts the most as I would expect it to (out of the major browsers) and I have grown accustom to its little quirks. Everyone talks about building things for FF then hacking for IE, but I find that Opera, IE, Chrome, and Sarafi normally work very close to the same, and FF is the outlier.
  7. Photo

    -=m0n1k3r=- Icon

    20 Feb 2010 - 21:11
    Serious Question(s): Are you the only user who prefers IE over all of the other browsers? I haven't seen anyone else with that marked...
    Also, why do you prefer it?
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