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  1. In Topic: Local Yokels

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    View Postno2pencil, on 27 August 2014 - 04:22 PM, said:

    View PostBort, on 27 August 2014 - 11:16 AM, said:

    @No2pencil: How can it ever be responsible to teach a 9 year old how to fire a gun?

    With proper usage, understanding, & respect, they grow up to be a responsible adult.

    Again, this really isn't the place for this discussion. No one will ever convince the other.

    Some people fear guns & think they only mean bad things, other people chose to let individuals make up their own mind & value their rights.

    No argument ever wins, no one ever sees it the other way. This isn't the place.

    I can understand this answer, thanks No2, but I do still feel that aged 9 is a bit too young to be starting on such things.

    I could go on about a few of your other comments, but like you say, no point in arguing about it. This isn't the palce, and the argument never goes anywhere.
  2. In Topic: Local Yokels

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    View Postdepricated, on 27 August 2014 - 03:41 PM, said:

    When do you think is the proper time to teach someone to defend themselves?

    Since when has an Uzi been a good way to teach your kids about self defense?

    If you want your kid to learn how to defend themselves, send her to karate or something.

    @No2pencil: How can it ever be responsible to teach a 9 year old how to fire a gun?
  3. In Topic: Local Yokels

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    I agree with you about it not being the time and place for yet another gun argument thread.

    But I can't place all of the blame on the parents. Most of it, yes, because teaching any nine year old how to shoot is just idiotic, but a portion of the blame belongs to the guy who got shot. Did some neuron not fire in the instructor's head telling him that teaching a little girl how to fire an SMG on automatic could be a bad idea?
  4. In Topic: Local Yokels

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    People wonder why there is this argument about why the US needs gun laws. Apart from all the random killings, this act of idiocy is a prime example.

    You're nine now, my girl. It's time for you to take up that great American past time...

    Nine Year Old Shoots Instructor In The Head
  5. In Topic: Video Games Currently Working On

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    Changed my mind about Infinite Space mods. Instead I found one called Captain's Edition which isn't a single mod, but rather a mod bundle which changes the game quite significantly.

    With CE, at the end of each sector, you are given a choice - continue exploring, or risk a long distance FTL jump towards the 'Last Stand' zone. Continue exploring is infinite, and can be done over and over again, and each time it gives you a different zone. I think jumping towards the federation base means it takes you to somewhere on the normal FTL map, but I've not done this yet, so I'm not sure.

    Everything is way more expensive, so building up your ship takes both planning and patience. For extra scrap, there is also a trading system added to CE. It's not the greatest, and there is some fudge factor to make it fit, but it's not bad.

    Add all this to new enemies, space stations, a much larger selection of potential encounter ships, piles and piles of weapons, plus new background scenery and music, and all told, you've got a decent remake of the game.

    It stays more or less true to the plot of the original game, but is so much more in depth.

    On a side note, woot! Steam sale today include Telltale Games Walking Dead series', so all 11 episodes of that has been ordered, for well under 15.

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