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Icon   Glorfindal is currently writing a game with ASP and Microsoft Access (Database) called Dragon Craft

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  1. In Topic: [Solved] New to MySQLi - Building a login page

    Posted 29 Apr 2014

    Thanks for all your help, I applied some of the suggestions and learned from some trial and error and it now works. After finding a tutorial I switched to using object oriented mysqli and I definately prefer it. Here is the code below if anyone has any similar problems or for future reference.

        //Enter your database connection details here.
        $host = 'Edited for Obvious Reasons'; //HOST NAME.
        $db_name = 'Edited for Obvious Reasons'; //Database Name
        $db_username = 'Edited for Obvious Reasons'; //Database Username
        $db_password = 'Edited for Obvious Reasons'; //Database Password
            $conn = new mysqli($host,$db_username,$db_password,$db_name);
        catch (Exception $e)
            echo $e;

        class database
            function __construct($conn)
                $this->conn = $conn;
            function checkLogin($username, $password)
                $password = md5($password); 
                echo $username;
                echo $password;
                echo "<br />";
                /* Select queries return a resultset */
                if($result = $this->conn->query("SELECT AccountID FROM Accounts WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'"))
                       if($result->num_rows > 0)
                            return TRUE;
                            return FALSE;
                       /* free result set */

        require 'Includes/config.php';
        require 'Includes/database.class.php';
        $db = New Database($conn);
            echo "<form action='default.php' method='post'>";
            echo "Username: <input type='text' name='username'><br>";
            echo "Password: <input type='password' name='password'><br>";
            echo "<input type='submit'>";
            echo "</form>";
            if($db->checkLogin($_POST["username"], $_POST["password"]))
                echo "correct!";    
                echo "incorrect!";

    So now I am going to work to make the code more efficient, and try to add password salting, SQL Injection protection, and Session Hijacking protection.
  2. In Topic: [Solved] New to MySQLi - Building a login page

    Posted 29 Apr 2014

    What do you mean how would I do that? I am very new to php so excuse me if I sound dumb.
  3. In Topic: Seeking Help for Exercises

    Posted 12 Feb 2014

    I'm not sure if this is the best way to learn but it has worked quite well for me. Basically think of something you would like to ultimately create whether it be a program, or a game. Then radically simplify it, if you don't have any Swing or Graphics 2D understanding make it text-based. Then break the program into little pieces and do as much as you can without tutorials.

    Once you have reached the point where believe the only way to progress is through using tutorials, switch over to using them, however I would recommend only using Javadocs, the Java Trails and maybe some of the tutorials here. A key to finding a good tutorial is making sure it explains what each method or line of code is doing, because if you ever want to be truly independent and able to program on your own (without checking the internet and copying/pasting code all the time) is to make sure you always understand what the code is doing.

    It is really important that you learn how to read Javadocs as they are standard and you will need them down the road to teach yourself new APIs. I have seen many people on other more specific forums (such as Minecraft Modding) who have gotten incredibly reliant on YouTube video tutorials to the point where it appeared they were either unwilling or incapable of learning any other way.

    I am currently working on a 2D Business Simulation game (it will run in a Java Applet) in which the player runs a Bakery in an economy that I am striving to make as realistic and dynamic as possible. I have taken the project very slow and spent several months so far, but I believe I have reached the point in which I am confident that I will be able to complete the game the way I imagined. Obviously a project even this size is definitely not something you should attempt early on, but I used these techniques on smaller projects before I attempted this and I feel they have definitely helped me. I also took an intro to programming course in school which was useful in helping learn Java conventions and was what really inspired me to give Java a second chance even though the course was fairly basic.
  4. In Topic: so this was my final java project for an intro level class....

    Posted 16 Dec 2013

    I'm not sure if this was a problem with the way the forum formatted your code but I notice there are a fair amount of indentions (tabs) missing. Also in my programming class my teacher always subtracted points if brackets were on the same line as the if or while (etc) statement itself. For example this -- if(x > y) {

    The way I was taught is this:
    if(x > y)
    	System.out.println("Debug 1");
    	//More code here...
    	System.out.println("Debug 2");
    	//More code here...

    A change could make the code simpler would be to implement a 4th class for interface functions. This one could contain the printHeading method as well as a method for the welcome and game rules sreen.

    Another revision that could be done is to the way you implemented the player system. Rather than declaring all the possible player objects at the beginning, simply declare them when they are needed so that there is no possibility of uneeded player objects in memory.
  5. In Topic: My text based RPG (Browser)

    Posted 26 Apr 2013

    Well, I haven't forgotten this project, I've just been very busy and had some other projects of (not related to programming) I have been doing lately. Anyway, my plan is to spend a little bit of time on this each day. So over the past few days I decided to go back and polish up the client end of the game. The game used to be only compatible with Firefox, however, I took a stab at cross-browser compatibility and it now runs perfectly FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. While I was at that I decided to get some new backgrounds for the UI, had some really good ones. And the game will now run in a new browser window when launched with the intention of forcing people to play at a uniform resolution. Here's a screenshot from the latest build:

    Attached File  DragonCraft-current.png (321.15K)
    Number of downloads: 4

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