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Icon   Glorfindal is currently writing a game with ASP and Microsoft Access (Database) called Dragon Craft

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  1. In Topic: Splitting PHP array to fill form fields through AJAX

    Posted 2 May 2016

    I would recommend you use an editor that has syntax highlighting so you can actually catch typos and mistakes like yours easier.

    A great one is Atom (, it's free and you can add functionality to it with plugins. However, right out of the box it has PHP syntax highlighting and will highlight valid base php functions so you easily make sure you don't type them incorrectly.

    Also you really should take the other posters' advice on splitting up the fields. It makes it much easier to extract information from the address and it doesn't require the user not make any typos in the format of the address they enter like your method will.
  2. In Topic: Making a Variable Readable For Multiple PHP Scripts

    Posted 26 Apr 2016

    There are also several good tutorials on PDO and MySQLi on this site.
  3. In Topic: Making JARVIS

    Posted 25 Apr 2016

    Pff! J.A.R.V.I.S is nothing, let's talk about making something as smart as The Machine or Samaritan from Person of Interest. :P

    The Machine: http://personofinter...iki/The_Machine
    Samaritan: http://personofinter.../wiki/Samaritan
    Person of Interest: https://en.wikipedia...est_(TV_series)
  4. In Topic: I can't upvote :(

    Posted 22 Apr 2016

    I cannot upvote on school computers, but I am pretty sure it is because of javascript. It appears my school blocks a bunch of the CDN's so often javascript or CSS do not load for sites.
  5. In Topic: Giude for Learning PHP

    Posted 24 Mar 2016

    Tutorials are also a good way to learn more complicated concepts, that the manual won't always mention.

    However, make sure you recent tutorials that are based around safe practices such as prepared statements, and a modern MySQL library like PDO or MySQLi.

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    Dude! How is the game?
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    Hey dude, glad to know you're still around. ^^
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    Hey there dude! How's things? The project? You can do it! ^^
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    what do you want the signature to say?
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    Can you do me one of those signatures just email me @ [email protected]
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