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  1. In Topic: Copying a file in Powershell

    Posted 2 Sep 2015

    Thanks baavgai,
    In that case, it probably means I'm doing something to delete the file somewhere else, and that's where I have to look. Thanks for the clarification!
  2. In Topic: SQL and query strings with PHP

    Posted 19 Aug 2015

    Thanks all,
    I think I've got a good way to do this now, I appreciate all the ideas. :)
  3. In Topic: SQL and query strings with PHP

    Posted 18 Aug 2015

    View PostCTphpnwb, on 18 August 2015 - 03:31 PM, said:

    I'm confused. Doesn't the solution to your previous question provide an answer to this one?

    Unfortunately, no. As I replied to the other post, it turned out that it was a network problem. My network and server is set up in a really weird way. MySQL can't be accessed directly for any kind of scripting, either from the command line client (yes, I know about it :) ) or from back end scripting. The back end script I'm using is PowerShell, but that's actually not so important to the question. The only way to access an SQL database at all is in a roundabout way through PHP. This isn't my setup, it's a system that I'm currently being shoehorned into, and I can't change it, as much as I'd like to.

    I'm pretty much throwing out feelers to any experts I can at the moment -- this system is set up in such a strange way that I have no idea of how to handle it.
  4. In Topic: Connecting to local and remote databases using PowerShell

    Posted 18 Aug 2015

    Thanks baavgai,
    Turns out it's a network problem. Thanks for the help. :)
  5. In Topic: Overlapping CSS3 gradients

    Posted 27 Jun 2015

    Thanks andrewsw,
    In that case, I'm going to try and build it dynamically with Javascript -- thanks for the info. :)

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