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  1. In Topic: Storing/Displaying PSD files - BLOB

    Posted 7 Apr 2014

    I don't run Photoshop. I will pass the info to my friend, if he hasn't already learned it in one of his classes.
  2. In Topic: Storing/Displaying PSD files - BLOB

    Posted 7 Apr 2014

    I will be more careful next time. My brain out runs my fingers thinking I had already typed what I thought.

    And no, I've never dealt with ActionScript before. Nor has my friend.
  3. In Topic: Storing/Displaying PSD files - BLOB

    Posted 7 Apr 2014

    Who says, or why always assume I'm ignoring/dismissing what the right way is modi123_1?
    It wasn't apart of my original post. (I had thought I put the question in my first post, sorry ArtificialSoldier)

    The gallery is small, I'm working on the styling with 2 of my own pictures to get things correct.
    Other then the upload to DB, I do have a upload to filesystem script to with a save path/image link to the DB, and a page off the server under my websites's 'BETA' directory trying to get that to work.

    I always work on contingency plans parallel to what I am originally working on.
    So please, don't always assume something automatically.

    And no, I wasn't talking about something that my friend can do in Photoshop. The question (if it every comes around) will be in a new post that is completely unrelated with using eCommerce. I'm working on a theory.

    What I was meaning to say modi123_1, a PHP conversion script to save a copy of the PSD to the upload folder. But also convert it to an jpeg to show on the website as a preview.

    Then only if my friend wants to make PSDs to sell for Web Design, which is where the eCommerce comes in... then I can take the PSD file and pack it in a ZIP folder for download after being purchased.
    However, like I said - its completely another top that I will post if I am stuck if that is something my friend wants to do.
  4. In Topic: Storing/Displaying PSD files - BLOB

    Posted 7 Apr 2014

    How about I stop getting posts to recommend using a FILE SYSTEM?!
    If my friend's website gets larger then expected, I will convert to a FILE SYSTEM! PLEASE READ CLOSER!

    As for working on a photogallery that uses a FILE SYSTEM, I am anticipating another project that will be much larger so I won't need to convert from BLOB to FILE SYSTEM.

    AND NO, ArtificialSoldier. The link I posted does NOT use MySQLi. I said that I took what it had, researched then converted from MySQL to MySQLi. You wouldn't have needed to ask if you had checked for yourself.
    And now I deem you no longer helpful.

    And ok, I finally get a decent partial answer. Thanks modi123_1. Could you point me to a psd->png/jpeg conversion script if my friend wanted to upload PSD files, since showing the actual PSD is 'a bad idea'?
  5. In Topic: Storing/Displaying PSD files - BLOB

    Posted 4 Apr 2014

    View PostArtificialSoldier, on 04 April 2014 - 05:57 PM, said:


    I've updated it using MySQLi with OOP.

    Where's the update?

    The update is on the webpages I need this.
    I read, I typed up with my variables. I researched, I changed to MySQLi.

    View PostArtificialSoldier, on 04 April 2014 - 05:57 PM, said:


    As the title suggest, PSD = gallery website

    Isn't a PSD a native Photoshop file?

    Yes. I had originally thought my friend can upload PSD files and have them viewable as an image, and if he wanted to make money by selling them for the PSD2HTML needs. I can add a small custom eCommerce system if he wants that, add code to put into a zip or rar or 7z file for download after they checkout. They are more of my specialty.

    View PostArtificialSoldier, on 04 April 2014 - 05:57 PM, said:


    So please, no 'BAD IDEA' replies.

    The first project I did with PHP was a photo gallery, that's a good project to learn a lot about PHP. I designed it so that I would have to use some filesystem functions, plus a database, I stored the images and thumbnails in a database, a login system so I had to learn about sessions, form processing, image processing, etc. It's a great first project, it covers a lot of basics with PHP. But, in practice, when I was displaying a page with several thumbnails then it became obvious that a database is just not well-suited for storing a bunch of files like that where you're showing multiple files per page (like 30 thumbnails). It's a great learning exercise, but in practice it's much more efficient to store only the filenames in the database, and keep the files on disk.

    Yes, I am aware of a filesystem function. I have another personal project where I am implementing that. Since this is only a gallery, I figured small and not a huge deal. And if this gets bigger then expected, I will change to the filesystem.

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