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  1. In Topic: Game Maker Studio?

    Posted 29 Apr 2016

    I got into programming through Game Maker back in the early 2000's when I was in junior high. It's a great program to get you started into programming, and if you are interested in developing 2D video games, it's a great software to use. For a 2D game engine, I don't think that Game Maker is limited at all. Any missing functionality can be added via extensions.

    Is it a great tool to use to make you a better programmer and to think more logically in terms of making games? Sure, it can, depending on your experience level, however, becoming better at something means you becoming a better version of yourself if that makes sense.

    For game development I would suggest checking out the following:
    Game Maker Studio
    Unreal Engine

    Choose whatever meets your goals.
  2. In Topic: N64 Programming

    Posted 19 Dec 2015

    Sounds like you're trying make fake N64 games and sell them for hundreds or thousands of dollars. ;)
  3. In Topic: I want to learn to program/code...

    Posted 6 Dec 2015

    Read his thread: "I've been wanting to learn to code for a while now because I've had so many ideas for games that I wanted to see be a real thing. " That's his goal. His goal isn't to use other people's tools to make cookie cutter code or to learn an arbitrary language to write nontrivial programs.

    At the end of his goal he'll have Javascript experience or C# experience as well as Unity3D experience. He'll also have experience developing a game. I think that's way better then aimlessly learning arbitrary things with no sense of direction.
  4. In Topic: I want to learn to program/code...

    Posted 6 Dec 2015

    If I were you, I would look for a program or game engine to use. Here is a small list:
    -Game Maker Studio

    There are a lot of engines available, even for 3D. Look for an engine that you think best suits your needs for the type of video game you are trying to make. Then start using internet resources to learn everything you need to know about using the particular program or engine you decide to use.

    For a 3D game like Dungeon Boss, Unity3D would probably have a really small learning curve. You can use Javascript or C# with it.

    Then, building up your knowledge can be done in a very structured approach. Simply look at whatever you're trying to imitate and look up tutorials or ask questions on how to do it... So for example if you start the Dungeon Boss game, you'll probably go into a "menu screen". So what I would do is... search on google: "unity 3d menu screen tutorial". As you get better and better with programming, you can start abstracting ideas and searching for tutorials to accomplish something without specifying the particular engine or language you're using (e.g. networking, encryption, certain algorithms, etc.).

    Many people would suggest learning to program before learning to create a video game but I think the better approach is to have a concrete goal in mind, then learn what you need to based on that "concrete goal".

    So my advice based on concrete goal: "Developing a similar game to dungeon boss"

    -Download Unity3D.
    -Learn how to create a small simple game with Unity3d with tutorials.
    -Make dungeon boss

    Just follow those three steps. I know there will be other stuff involved, but if you just focus on these three steps I'm sure you'll get to your goal. This is a starting point, good luck.
  5. In Topic: Help with a simple C++ Code

    Posted 29 Oct 2015

    Here are the two area formulas for rectangle and square:

    Square: area = side * side
    Rectangle: area = sidea * sideb

    Test if it's a square. If it fails the test, then it's a rectangle, otherwise, it's both.

    int area;
    std::cin >> area;
    if (area <= 0 || area > 105)
        std::cout << "Input out of bounds\n";
    else if (sqrt(area) % 1 == 0)
        std::cout << Unknown << std::endl;
        std::cout << Rectangle << std::endl;

    With your code, in line 14, why do you divide by 2 and divide by 3?

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    It's tony. Been trying to get a hold of you, please call or get on skype!
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    24 May 2010 - 18:52
    Hi how are you, I have to program a game 'quiz' questions/answers in c++ and I want u to help me if it's possible.this's my e-mail:[email protected]
    there's 4 category in the game and the player can play in several one but he shouldn"tsurpass 10 questions.There's top10 of the game & category
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    06 May 2010 - 03:00
    Hi Sparkart, I saw your name on the top10kudos list. Please read my post re machine consciousness in the Post-A-Job forum and tell me what you think, thanks.
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    07 Feb 2010 - 02:08
    EXPERT in c++ !!!!! :D
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