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  1. In Topic: unable to pass cmd command as TCHAR

    Posted 27 Jul 2015

    You can use quotes around the whole pathname including the drive, path and filename. The reason quotes are used is so the CMD processor considers parameters with spaces as a single parameter.

    TCHAR cmd[]  = _T("\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ABC MCC 7500\\bin\\DebugMonitor.exe\" runQuery --host_client \"EXY DISPATCH\" --query 1");
  2. In Topic: C - strstr like function but for an separate word not just chars

    Posted 27 Jul 2015

    Hi, you could use strstr to test whether a word is in the sentence. Then check if the start is valid and end is valid.
  3. In Topic: unable to pass cmd command as TCHAR

    Posted 27 Jul 2015

    Hi, the backslash is used for escape sequences. With paths you can use double backslash (escape sequence) or a forward slash.
    "C:\\Program Files (x86)"
    "C:/Program Files (x86)"

    If you want to add double quotes to a C string, for parameters or path for example, you can use an escape sequence backslash + double quotes.

    "DebugMonitor.exe \"EXY DISPATCH\" "

    You can print the string to see the effect.
  4. In Topic: Assertion Error While Running Addition Function

    Posted 26 Jul 2015

    Hi, the front method only works on non-empty strings, so it may be that. You could try setting output to a null character when the string is empty.
  5. In Topic: c++ | Make car crash when it hits the edge of the window. SFML 2.3

    Posted 26 Jul 2015

    Hi, there is a getsize function for the window. Your program moves the car so should store where it is.

    The car is inside the window.

     |                      |
     |                      |
     |      x,y             |
     |       -------        |
     |       |<o-o>|        |
     |       -------        |

    So when the car hits on the left then x == 0.

    Otherwise, if you had thin rectangles to define the window edges you could use Rectangle intersect.

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    Thanks #define. I can't believe I missed such a simple detail.
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    Dude...before your reputation changes, I would like to tell you that it(729) is a perfect cube :) Cheers :)
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