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  1. In Topic: tips how to read open source code

    Posted 21 Jul 2014

    Hi, welcome to DIC. I can't think of many tips. With libraries you will probably bookmark some sites. There might be blogs and tutorials that can give information.
  2. In Topic: Need help with Prolog programming

    Posted 20 Jul 2014

    View Postrabiahere, on 19 July 2014 - 11:07 PM, said:

    Write a predicate is_set(S) that is true if only if S contains no duplicate elements.

    In the first clause you say that, if the list contains two elements that are the same (duplicate), then it is a set, which is not what you want.


    In the second clause, the first x is lowercase, it should be uppercase to denote a variable. Also you are saying that if the head of the list is in the list (duplicate), then it is a set, which is not what you want.


    In the third clause, you want to continue testing the list, which is the right idea, but if a preceding clause does not succeed (is false) then this clause will be executed, ignoring previous logic.

  3. In Topic: not sure what to do with these errors

    Posted 20 Jul 2014

    Hi, it looks like you added parentheses in the wrong place, and you wanted the info variable of the next node to be compared :

    while ( item.ComparedTo(location->next->info) != EQUAL )
  4. In Topic: Winsock - connect to something using IP other than localhost

    Posted 18 Jul 2014

    Hi, if you have a router you might need to tell it the location of your server program.
  5. In Topic: Some Database Connectivity Concepts Issue.

    Posted 18 Jul 2014

    Hi, the ODBC program/service/driver links a program to a database. The ODBC is usually accessed in the Control Panel. If it is MS, looking up the term ODBC seems to say it is under Administrative Tools in the Panel. In the ODBC you set the name and location of the database file.

    You probably want to create a MS Access database test database/file. If that gives trouble a simpler database file might be a DBF for test purposes.

    SQL is a language for accessing databases and managing databases. SQL statements are sent from the C program to the ODBC driver.

    You don't say what compiler you are using.

    The undefined reference error suggest you have not linked to the sql library.

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    GryphonClaws Icon

    10 Jan 2013 - 01:15
    Thanks #define. I can't believe I missed such a simple detail.
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    raghav.naganathan Icon

    07 Nov 2012 - 20:40
    Dude...before your reputation changes, I would like to tell you that it(729) is a perfect cube :) Cheers :)
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