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  1. In Topic: Discrete mathematics or linear algebra

    Posted 23 Mar 2013

    I am currently taking both, and as others have said I would recommend both courses as they can compliment other areas of study and each other. If you end up doing linear programming, or are ever dealing with a large system of many unknowns, linear algebra is going to give you the tools to understand how those types of problems can be solved. When you are designing your algorithm, your knowledge from discrete math is going to help you write as optimal of a solution as possible (among other things). If you have the opportunity to take both, definitely go for it.
  2. In Topic: The IT Crowd

    Posted 23 Mar 2013

    The IT Crowd seems alright, just started watching it last week and am only a few episodes in.

    I think the first few seasons of the Big Bang Theory were great, but I'm pretty disappointed with the last few seasons.

    Pure Pwnage was one of my favorite shows for awhile. I'm referring to the internet portion of the show, never did watch it once they moved it to a television series. I heard it tanked after a season or so.
  3. In Topic: Date change on DC

    Posted 20 Nov 2012

    Apparently we weren't the only ones. I can tell you the fallout is not fun.
  4. In Topic: Tech Question of the Day

    Posted 8 Nov 2012

    A few months back we received an email from an end-user who was experiencing an issue with some of our software. So I emailed them back, going over the usual tier-1 solutions they could try and asked them to include in their response more details about the system they were using. Hours go by with no response, and 5 minutes after I leave for the day they finally write back. First email is them asking me to just call them, not responding to any of my questions or indicating they had attempted any of the potential solutions. Only a few minutes later they write back again, and ask why I am ignoring them. Not even five minutes after that they write in asking why I don't like doing my job and to call them back immediately. Finally I get home and their final email is in all caps, demanding that we pay for the time we've wasted in not resolving this issue. Mind you, this is in the course of about 20 minutes.

    I imagine their manager must have received the same treatment, needless to say we never heard from them after that.
  5. In Topic: JackOfAllTrades how do i block u

    Posted 3 Nov 2012

    I'm going to assume you're referring to this post -> http://www.dreaminco...7&#entry1737317

    I cannot speak to why you were down voted, although after reading that thread it is somewhat obvious. But I'm not sure you have much room to be questioning people on their decision to up/down vote when you down voted JackOfAllTrades for this post -> http://www.dreaminco...5&#entry1737295

    Just a thought.

    Besides, instead of posting this in an entirely off-topic forum maybe you should PM a moderator with your concerns.

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