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  1. In Topic: App force close automatically when opening. why?

    Posted 8 Feb 2016

    Try getting the LayoutInflater inside the constructor and store it as a global variable.

    If that doesn't work, and you're still getting the same NullPointerException, then the context is probably null inside your AsyncTask.
  2. In Topic: Working on bigger projects and adding updates

    Posted 8 Feb 2016

    My current project (that's not my biggest by far!) has currently 71 classes of Java, 40 classes of C#, 1 database with 5 tables and 9 PHP-scripts.

    That project has been going on for about 7 months now, and is currently undergoing a overhaul of the socket-communication.
    That means both the Android-app and the Windows server app (C#) needs some work.

    To no become overwhelmed, I just focus on one thing at the time.
    If I where to just think "The socket-communication needs to be rewritten and improved", then I would get stressed out and now knowing where to start.

    So this is was I do instead (in this case):
    • Can some of the parts be rewritten without changing the names of the functions? If so, then that's great for debugging the new code.
    • For parts that the above scenario don't work, how much work would it need to fix the functions that will not comply with the new code?
    • If I'm adding new functions: What function need be most vital and noticeable and is any of the other planed function depended of if?

    When I've answered those questions, then it's time to start planing. I use rules like this:

    • Always start with the most vital and noticeable, if any is more than any other, or with one that other functions will be depending on (json/xml parsing or string formatting for example).
    • If I start with the most complex/hardest part, then all the other will seem much easier. (But the most noticeable will make you feel like you've gotten more done)
    • Don't be afraid of syntax error, especially when rewriting or improving old code. Think of them as a reminder so you don't miss adding some feature to your app.
    • If the code-document get long, it's better to split it into several classes, it makes the code more manageable!

    Other than that, I do like the idea of sketching it up on paper. I use a notebook or my whiteboard to draw chain-of-events of to actually write down the train-of-thought in a simplified version (with the name of the functions as referens). I even do this for design: I first draw that I would like the app to look like (not really to scale of course). I did this a lot for my app GrooveMobile(aka GMobile) and even posted some of the drawing to the facebook page as a sneak-peak of that's to come(Well, before Grooveshark shut down :( ) :)

    Hope this helps!
  3. In Topic: Overload in game

    Posted 12 Jan 2016

    Yeah, still no StackTrace.

    If the error is an OutOfMemoryException, then you can try activating large heap in the manifest.
    If that doesn't work, then you need to decrease the size of your images or reduce the amount of images loaded.
  4. In Topic: Overload in game

    Posted 10 Jan 2016

    You have to supply us with more information like:
    StackTrace and the code that caused the exception to occur.

    Without this, it's like going to a mechanic and only say: There's a problem with my car, how do i fix it?
  5. In Topic: Unfortunately, your app has stopped working

    Posted 2 Jan 2016

    Looks like the OpenCV library binary is missing from the libs folder of your app.

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    15 Dec 2014 - 10:38
    Hi please i am trying to write an android app to measure the the signal strength from 3 wifi access points in order to do indoor position for my work at school but i lack so much in programming and will be happy if you can help me. thanks
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    01 Jan 2013 - 02:37
    Congrats on the promotion to expert!
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    10 Jun 2010 - 14:37
    Don't be shy :)
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