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  1. In Topic: changing the pitch of a music file

    Posted 23 Dec 2014

    I'm discovering why her current program plays the audio and video with WinAmp, it has a plug in that does this.
  2. In Topic: changing the pitch of a music file

    Posted 23 Dec 2014

    Thanks Mac! I didn't think it was going to be easy, but that gives me somewhere to start. Now if only my local libraries understood what kind of programming books they should have on the shelf :)
  3. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    okay i'm in the directory my jar is in and i try to run it on my test directory: java -jar fileRenamer c:\documents '^various - [^ ] - ' ''

    and I get this:
    error: unable to access jar file fileRenamer

    I did test and then run it through eclipse and it worked great! I would like to know why it wouldn't work from command line though. :(
  4. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    okay I have 570 sub-directories of my "karaoke" directory with 17,000 files in them. some have "various - x - " at the beginning of their filenames. I want to find those and chop of that first part of the string from 0 to the 4th space. passing my replacement string seems impossible because they need to keep the rest of the name. So if I change ROOT to = c:\karaoke and args[1] to "various" and args[2] to a subString of the file name then I can just run it in Eclipse. Right? Each song has two files associated with it an .mp3 and a .cdg, but searching for "various" will grab them both because the only difference in the filenames is their extensions (if that's wrong please tell me before I blow it up!). Also, I can never make my java stuff work outside Eclipse before and don't remember what I need to change to make it work. Thanks again for you time and patience!

    okay I just brushed off some regex notes and I see how to pass in my regex and replacement.
    if my filename is "various - 1 - artist tracknumber song.mp3" then
     regex = "various - [1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-9] - " //and I can just replace with "".
  5. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    Wow. Goose that's way above my pay grade! lol I think I see how it's supposed to work. So when I run the program I type the ROOT Path in after the program name and that gets passed as the args[] right? If you could add some more comments that would be great. I have a bunch of files with "various - blah -" at the beginning of their names. I just want to rename them to a substring of the original name, which it looks like that is taking place in "FileVisitResult". Do I have that right? You'd think they'd teach us this stuff in school huh? Thanks again for all the great help!

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Of course I love games, from board games to pc and counsel games.
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