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  1. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    okay i'm in the directory my jar is in and i try to run it on my test directory: java -jar fileRenamer c:\documents '^various - [^ ] - ' ''

    and I get this:
    error: unable to access jar file fileRenamer

    I did test and then run it through eclipse and it worked great! I would like to know why it wouldn't work from command line though. :(
  2. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    okay I have 570 sub-directories of my "karaoke" directory with 17,000 files in them. some have "various - x - " at the beginning of their filenames. I want to find those and chop of that first part of the string from 0 to the 4th space. passing my replacement string seems impossible because they need to keep the rest of the name. So if I change ROOT to = c:\karaoke and args[1] to "various" and args[2] to a subString of the file name then I can just run it in Eclipse. Right? Each song has two files associated with it an .mp3 and a .cdg, but searching for "various" will grab them both because the only difference in the filenames is their extensions (if that's wrong please tell me before I blow it up!). Also, I can never make my java stuff work outside Eclipse before and don't remember what I need to change to make it work. Thanks again for you time and patience!

    okay I just brushed off some regex notes and I see how to pass in my regex and replacement.
    if my filename is "various - 1 - artist tracknumber song.mp3" then
     regex = "various - [1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-9] - " //and I can just replace with "".
  3. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    Wow. Goose that's way above my pay grade! lol I think I see how it's supposed to work. So when I run the program I type the ROOT Path in after the program name and that gets passed as the args[] right? If you could add some more comments that would be great. I have a bunch of files with "various - blah -" at the beginning of their names. I just want to rename them to a substring of the original name, which it looks like that is taking place in "FileVisitResult". Do I have that right? You'd think they'd teach us this stuff in school huh? Thanks again for all the great help!
  4. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 5 Apr 2014

    Thanks Casio! I was finally getting ready to start this and was tripping over looking in the directories. I don't see how to make it look in the sub-directories though. Like c:\music\karaoke\blahblah\filename.mp3 I have god knows how many folders with files to rename, but they are all sub-directories of the same directory. Thanks so much for the help!
  5. In Topic: renaming files with java

    Posted 31 Mar 2014

    It looks like "move()" is the one I need. thanks modi.

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