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  1. In Topic: BASIC program not working correctly.

    Posted 24 Feb 2015

    Variable name on the line below is incorrect based on your code

    IF MID$(paragraph$, i, i + 1) = inputLetter$ THEN

    you assign the letter to look for to letter$ not inputLetter$

    I also agree with Andrew's comment about the Mid$ too, the middle i is your position and the final value is how much to read (normally)
  2. In Topic: filtering the dirlistbox

    Posted 12 Feb 2015

    Glad you got it sorted. Maybe you'd like to post your solution for others that may have a similar problem in future.
  3. In Topic: filtering the dirlistbox

    Posted 11 Feb 2015

    Not sure you can filter the DirList how you want to (but may be mistaken).

    Depending on what you want to filter it for, then you could look at using the FileSystemObject and filtering it manually.

    In this link, there are a couple of examples of listing folders in a loop. You should be able to adapt one of these to only store the ones that meet your criteria (by length or whatever you need).
  4. In Topic: Problem with package and deployment

    Posted 31 Jan 2015

    Did they install on 64 bit machines, making it "program files (x86)" and you have a hardcoded path to "program files"?
  5. In Topic: Object Variable Error

    Posted 31 Jan 2015

    As a starting point, you could add error handlers to all your subs and functions and then write out to a log file on error, with the module:function name, error description and number.

    At least this way you will know exactly which function the error is occurring in.

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    Coulee Icon

    02 Feb 2012 - 19:29
    Hi,I found your post Compiling on Win7x64 SP1 gives ADO Issue on XP....
    I met the same problem,can you help.
    I will really really appreciate it
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    maj3091 Icon

    20 Dec 2011 - 01:32
    Thanks raziel_, I didn't realise what you meant at first! I was hoping you knew my boss at work! :)
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    raziel_ Icon

    19 Dec 2011 - 09:24
    gratz on the promotion man :)
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