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  1. In Topic: trying to add an image to an image list, it is not adding

    Posted 22 Jun 2015

    Have a look at this link for a tutorial on how to use the imagelist control, maybe it will help you understand better what may be happening.
  2. In Topic: problem create multiple user

    Posted 17 Jun 2015

    I'm joining this party late and maybe I missed something, but I have the following points.

    • You say, that when you change the Status using the ComboBox, it "creates" a new user ID for you and puts that in Text1 textbox.
    • If that statement is true, then the UserID in Text1 won't already exist in the DB, so you can't update it.

    You need to store the original user ID that you selected from your list to edit and use that in your WHERE clause.
  3. In Topic: Please help me with Nested Classes

    Posted 14 Jun 2015

    You should really be in the VB.Net forum with this, as it's not VB6.

    Maybe you could tell us the exact error message and the line it occurs on...the more information you give, the easier it will be to provide an answer.
  4. In Topic: If one Check Box selected second Check Box not selected vice versa

    Posted 5 Jun 2015

    The functionality you're describing sounds better suited to a radio button (Option Button) controls, in paired groups.

    That being said, you would need to place each pair in it's own container and you would always have one option selected by default, so this may not suit your need.
  5. In Topic: Drawing a line from a module to a form

    Posted 4 Jun 2015

    Good to see you again Bob.

    View PostBobRodes, on 05 June 2015 - 03:57 AM, said:

    VB6 is atypical in this regard. If the method is a Sub, the parameters aren't enclosed in parentheses (unless you use the Call keyword which was deprecated as of 3.0). Function calls use parentheses. What's more, the syntax for the Line function is entirely aberrant: object.Line [Step] (x1, y1) [Step] - (x2, y2), [color], [B][F] . So, it's as Maj has it. (By the way, the reason you can't use With here is because Line is a method of object, not of Form1.) Parentheses must be as they are here; "proper" parameterization is not an option. (Well it is an option, one that won't compile. But anyway.) And that's not the whole story. Check out this code:

    Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim x As Integer
    x = 10
    TryThis x
    Debug.Print x
    x = 10
    TryThis (x)
    Debug.Print x
    End Sub
    Sub TryThis(x As Integer)
    x = x + 10
    End Sub

    The output to the Immediate window is


    Why? :)/>/>

    Looks like using parentheses overrides the default ByRef behaviour, unless it's explicitly stated in the sub definition?

    You learn something new every day! :)/>

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    02 Feb 2012 - 19:29
    Hi,I found your post Compiling on Win7x64 SP1 gives ADO Issue on XP....
    I met the same problem,can you help.
    I will really really appreciate it
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    20 Dec 2011 - 01:32
    Thanks raziel_, I didn't realise what you meant at first! I was hoping you knew my boss at work! :)
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    19 Dec 2011 - 09:24
    gratz on the promotion man :)
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