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  1. In Topic: test.wav How do I open the file directly into the Picture ...

    Posted 15 Jul 2014

    I assume you're trying to draw the waveform in the picturebox.

    That being the case, you need to show the code that you're actually using and as Andrew has asked, clearly explain your issue.

    You've posted code to a function, but you don't show where you call it from, or how you populate the inputs (i.e.: what populates the UDT WaveData16bit_ and what is it's definition)

    Help yourself by giving as much information as you can....don't expect people to fully understand what you're trying to do.
  2. In Topic: Column 'PlayerID' does not belong to table.

    Posted 1 Jul 2014

    How is PlayerID defined in your table? Is it an identity field? If so, you won't be able to add it in like that (albeit not sure about the error).

    Can you show the schema of your table (Field Names, Type, etc).

    Also, this is .Net, not VB6....
  3. In Topic: VB6 Timer Loop for Relay control

    Posted 19 Jun 2014

    The simplest way would be to re-enable the first timer (and associated countdown variables) when the second timer has timed out.
  4. In Topic: Please Help! Infinite loops when updating a record on Access via V

    Posted 30 May 2014

    Glad it helped, but I didn't really tell you anything more than what astonecipher was already trying to tell you. :)
  5. In Topic: Please Help! Infinite loops when updating a record on Access via V

    Posted 29 May 2014

    I'm not that familiar with working with Access databases and have no idea which method you're using to connect to the database (or the schema), but normally if you wanted to check for the presence of an user, you would execute a select query to see if the user exists, then based on the result, decide whether to add or update a record. Looping through the whole table whilst there are only a few records might work, but imagine what it will be like if you had hundreds or thousands of records.....not very efficient.

    The example below is intended as a pointer, it's untested and incomplete.

    'Create SQL query
    strSQL = "Select * from Table where EnrollmentID = " & UserIDToFind
    'Open recordset based on query
    rst.Open sSql, Cnn, adOpenForwardOnly, , adCmdText
    'Check if we got something back
    if rst.eof and rst.bof then
       'Record not found
       'Add new record here
       'Record found
       'Store the ID field for the record - we'll use it for update
       FoundID = rst![ID]
       'Execute your update query (Build this up accordingly).
       "Update Table Set Field1 = value1, Field2=Value2 where ID = FoundID"

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    02 Feb 2012 - 19:29
    Hi,I found your post Compiling on Win7x64 SP1 gives ADO Issue on XP....
    I met the same problem,can you help.
    I will really really appreciate it
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    20 Dec 2011 - 01:32
    Thanks raziel_, I didn't realise what you meant at first! I was hoping you knew my boss at work! :)
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    19 Dec 2011 - 09:24
    gratz on the promotion man :)
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