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  1. In Topic: Visual basic 6 - Export to Excel 2010/2013 not working

    Posted 12 Apr 2014

    Not all that familiar with working with the office objects, but a couple of questions.

    1. Does the document open in a previous version of excel?
    2. Are you referencing the office object related to the version office you're working with?
  2. In Topic: MAPI Session control fails sign on with error 48389

    Posted 2 Apr 2014

    What have you tried already?

    Googling the error code gives a raft of information related to this error and VB6 (and in a lot of cases solutions - Including a hotfix for MAPI), so it would be useful for people to understand what you have already tried.
  3. In Topic: Check boxes and sql

    Posted 31 Mar 2014

    How are you building your SQL statement?

    What gets written into variables 2 and 3 if you only select something in list 1?

    Do you actually have valid records if Field1 = Variable1 and Field2=Nothing and Field3=Nothing?

    How do you want it to work? Should it only use the lists that have been clicked? If so, you need to be a little more dynamic with the building of your SQL statement.
  4. In Topic: Draw signature?

    Posted 28 Mar 2014

    Check out this linkfor starters
  5. In Topic: After button is clicked the code loops?

    Posted 25 Mar 2014

    If I understand you correctly, you want to put something in a loop when you click one button and stop it when you click another?

    If so, you need a way of escaping your loop, which you don't seem to have and also, it will appear to freeze, because your loop isn't relinquishing control to the system in anyway.

    I'm not familiar with the webbrowser control, so I'll give a generic example.

    Option Explicit
    Dim blnStop As Boolean
    Private Sub cmdStart_Click()
        ' Clear the stop flag
        blnStop = False
        ' Call our loop routine
    End Sub
    Private Sub cmdStop_Click()
        ' Indicate we want to stop the loop!
        blnStop = True
    End Sub
    Private Sub subStartLoop()
    Dim lngLoop As Long
        lngLoop = 1
        ' Create our "infinite" loop
        Do While lngLoop = 1 And Not blnStop
            ' We commented out our loop increment, so it will never end
            'lngLoop = lngLoop + 1
            ' Add a DoEvents to give control to the system to process messages
        MsgBox "Loop Finished"
    End Sub

    Hopefully that should point you in the right direction

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    Coulee Icon

    02 Feb 2012 - 19:29
    Hi,I found your post Compiling on Win7x64 SP1 gives ADO Issue on XP....
    I met the same problem,can you help.
    I will really really appreciate it
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    maj3091 Icon

    20 Dec 2011 - 01:32
    Thanks raziel_, I didn't realise what you meant at first! I was hoping you knew my boss at work! :)
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    raziel_ Icon

    19 Dec 2011 - 09:24
    gratz on the promotion man :)
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