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  1. In Topic: How do you learn a programming language?

    Posted 13 Jan 2013

    I learn by brute force, and a little gluing together of code online.
  2. In Topic: Push protocols - breaking through the NAT router

    Posted 17 Jul 2012

    OK I can see your point for conventional, web traffic. But do you not think for something like an email client/server instead of asking every minuet "Hey got any new emails", a message can be pushed from server to client, "hey you've got mail", now instead of say 60 POP3 connections in an hour. I have only got 5 pushed connections say. This kind of data is directly related to you, and you would have requested it anyway, by pushing the data to clients you are getting it quicker and in most cases more efficiently.

    I can see how this may not be the most efficient method for mobile devices, continually jumping from network to network. But a traditional desktop computer may retain the same IP address for several days, even weeks without change.
  3. In Topic: Push protocols - breaking through the NAT router

    Posted 17 Jul 2012

    View Postmodi123_1, on 17 July 2012 - 06:17 PM, said:


    I don't see why the internet has evolved where almost all protocols in use today are client request based protocols (the client must ask for data, rather than server pushing data).

    Is this just a straw man argument to get you writing, or do you really not understand why client request is the preferred method?

    Have you eyeballed how apple does it on their Push Notification service for the iOS?

    I think I can appreciate the need for both instances, when web browsing for example a client request method is really the only way, but in other instances such as email, instant messaging, VoIP etc. it seems counter intuitive to require a client to continually 'poll' for updates, if the server could simply push data to a client this seems a lot more efficient, e.g. notifying you of a new email, notifying you of a new IM chat etc.

    Surely a simple "its USERNAME at send me notifications" and not having to leave a TCP connection open (such as with IMAP) would be much more efficient. This does pose a few security issues I can see, when I get a new IP Address someone else is getting my notifications etc. But this could all be secured using public/private key crypto.

    I'll have a read through the iOS link.
  4. In Topic: Question: What is the best way to prevent SQL Injections!?

    Posted 12 Jun 2012

    ...by vigorously validating your database inputs.

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