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Who needs shades of grey? > It's good to re-implement sites. Say it with me, "this time, I'll do it right"

Posted 23 December 2010

I've been putting off re-writing my girlfriend's website for a while. I made it quite a long time ago, from her Photoshop mockup in PHP. It works, it pulls down RSS feeds from her various blogs and mixes them together. It has no CMS or framework, though, it's all PHP from scratch, and every other month I find some discrepancy in how...

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Who needs shades of grey? > CoffeeScript

Posted 30 November 2010

It's snowing, and I'm on my nth cup of coffee, and I'm going to talk a little bit about Coffee Script. Full disclosure: I found out about this from a post someone made a while ago over on Forrst...

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Who needs shades of grey? > Learning to use tools that are always available

Posted 13 November 2010

I recently wrote a tutorial entitled GIMP Fundamentals for Web Developers...

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Who needs shades of grey? > ipdb freely

Posted 26 September 2010

You know, since starting using Django, there have been a few occasions when I've had to get up and drag someone over to the screen to show them how awesome it is. There's nobody around here tonight. It's a Sunday, I'm at home and I'm enthusiastically bouncy and and the same time slapping my forehead for not thinking something...

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Who needs shades of grey? > Python in my pants.

Posted 14 September 2010

My Django project deadline went whizzing past. I was stressed about it and have postponed my time off work until I get more of it finished, but I'm less worried now.

Two coders for 5 weeks turned out to be me for five weeks and the other guy for half that because he had a couple of weeks off, and as of now (8 days after the original deadline)...

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    Sayid Ahmed Icon

    17 May 2011 - 14:28
    you look like Maynard James Keenan in your photo ^
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    tinase Icon

    04 Jan 2011 - 09:23
    You have 296 reputation nice keep it up man
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    Alex6788 Icon

    13 Nov 2010 - 02:59
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. You've been programming for 99 years! You must be a master!
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