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  1. In Topic: Children: New billionaires

    Posted 15 Sep 2014

    View PostBenignDesign, on 15 September 2014 - 03:34 PM, said:

    I have to agree with no2 on this one. Sounds like "wah, wah, butthurt, butthurt, little boy makes more money than me"...

    I agree that children should be children. I like the "free range parenting" technique where they are encouraged to grow and explore and learn and ask questions and venture out on their own and put their creativity to use and find where they want to be along the way.

    I fully support and encourage this with my children - read, explore, question, learn, and make decisions for yourselves.

    My older daughter is a budding author, and while her punctuation needs a little work, her stories are quite good. She's also a very talented artist. She's asked me to build a website where she can post and showcase her wares. She wants to self-publish some books. Should she start making money from them - even go all JK Rowling and start making billions - all the better.

    I see nothing wrong with kids exploring their interests and pursuing it to the point of monetary gain, I fully support and encourage her to do so, but I won't force her to sell her work. Nor will I discourage her from venturing down other paths later in life.

    She could become a published author at the age of 13 and make fat stacks of cash by the time she's 18. She might decide she wants to go on to college to be a social worker and not write anymore books for the rest of her life - so be it. My ultimate goal is to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted, self-sufficient women with the ability to think for themselves and the balls to question everything (including their mother).

    I agree with everything except the butthurt part, i make my own share and i'm not jealous at their success. I didn't have that kind of opportunity growing up, i was lucky that i got interested in IT early on in life. I wish for my kids(if i ever have them) to have way better life than i had and they should have proper guidance earning lot of money very young can be destructive for them. That is what i tried to say here with this topic.
    Just for comparison at 13 years old(it was 1996) i was living in a country that started to recover for civil war and very heavy economic recession.
  2. In Topic: Children: New billionaires

    Posted 14 Sep 2014

    So they are basically skipping/exchanging their childhood for this, spending more and more time with computer at younger and younger age. And then end up like Michael Jackson, making their Neverland Ranch and acting like a child at age 30. A smart kid is still a kid and should remain like that.
  3. In Topic: Everything is underlined

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    De gustibus non est disputandum then.
    Words that have small letter g in looks to me like strikethrough font but that is just me then.
  4. In Topic: We got mentioned in an article on programming communities

    Posted 25 Aug 2014

    Well the homework questions doesn't have to be school related.
  5. In Topic: Well...

    Posted 22 Aug 2014

    Yes the internet scary place full of gremlins.

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    15 Aug 2014 - 01:40
    i will wait to read from u
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    15 Aug 2014 - 01:30
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    God bless.
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    18 May 2014 - 16:32
    the "Latest Visitor" thingy shows you...
    well I welcome your visit. Haha !
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    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    02 Jan 2014 - 08:43
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    BenignDesign Icon

    13 Dec 2013 - 09:33
    You believe what you want. I'll believe what I want. :P
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    BenignDesign Icon

    13 Dec 2013 - 07:24
    You've been here for four years and are still questioning whether or not I have a potty mouth? Methinks you haven't been paying attention.
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    ChrisNt Icon

    10 Dec 2013 - 05:52
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    Michael26 Icon

    14 Oct 2013 - 05:01
    1,000 Active posts.
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    Michael26 Icon

    26 Sep 2013 - 11:10
    Reputation -> 200
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    11 Jul 2013 - 12:17
    I have stepped into 3 digit reputation.
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    Michael26 Icon

    25 Jun 2013 - 10:33
    Post the question in the appropriate forum with the code you've tried so far.
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    senthilandhamodaran Icon

    25 Jun 2013 - 06:36
    i need time table generator code in c#
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    BenignDesign Icon

    19 May 2013 - 11:29
    Thanks, Kilroy.
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    Michael26 Icon

    22 Apr 2013 - 08:49
    Reputation 50 :)
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    28 Mar 2013 - 12:50
    My reputation is 42 :)
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