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  1. In Topic: Loop until eof

    Posted 7 Nov 2013

    You are only outputting the last set of inputs in the table because the output code isn't inside the loop.

    Put the table header before the while loop and the output statements for the actual data inside the while loop.
  2. In Topic: What is the best way to begin in C++?

    Posted 1 Nov 2013

    If you're just starting out I think a book is a better way to go. Since you don't have the experience, structured learning helps.

    I found this book helpful when I was just starting. It's not too long but it still conveys all the information you need to get started. Practical C++ Programming

    You seem like you know a few things though. If you're just looking for projects, start automating repetitive tasks that you find yourself doing.
  3. In Topic: Calculator

    Posted 31 Oct 2013

    Have you given any thought to learning how to use a debugger? Knowing how to use a debugger is just as essential as knowing how to properly write code. gdb, Visual Studio Debugger (if you're using VS)

    The problem is that scanf is leaving a trailing newline in the buffer. Thus when you call getch(), you always get a newline instead of the character you actually want.

    You could use this to avoid that problem:
    char choice;
    scanf(" %c", &choice);
    if(choice == 'n') {
  4. In Topic: Sorted DLL to Keep Order by String and Int Simultaneously?

    Posted 31 Oct 2013

    There are two easy options. You need to decide which tradeoff is acceptable. Do you want to pay in memory or cpu cycles?

    If you are willing to use more memory, then I'd suggest using parallel lists (one sorted by name, the other sorted by weight). The lists could be internal to DllList if need be. If you are willing to burn more cpu cycles, then you could keep the list sorted by name, and when needed, sort the list by weight and output it.
  5. In Topic: fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

    Posted 31 Oct 2013

    Are you still having this problem?

    (It wasn't clear if you were.)

    If you are, make sure you are compiling with the Employee.cpp file into the application as well.

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