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  1. In Topic: moVee 8 2.0

    Posted 10 Dec 2014

    One more

    1. On mouse over on the homepage some small details of the movie is displayed

    Posted Image
  2. In Topic: moVee 8 2.0

    Posted 8 Dec 2014

    Just a quick look at some of things ive been adding

    1. The posterviewer handles larges collections more efficiently, therefore the images are added to screen a lot quick (avg 12-15 secs for 1000 movies)
    2. Posters are all dimmed on load
    3. Mouse over brightens the image up and highlights it with a blue rectangle
    4. Instant play from poster browser, no need to open the details view
    5. Star rating and Year
    6. VLC player now added instead of windows media player for additional supported extensions
    7. Choose from multiple Trailers when available (ui to be cleaned up)
    8. Searching for posters and backdrops now gets a smaller resolution image for speed with the option to download HQ posters

    Id love to hear some feedback on these if you care to post :)/>

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: moVee 8 2.0

    Posted 14 Nov 2014

    Hi All

    So ive finished my MSc and I can get back to work on this application, I know a few of you have been looking for the 2.0 release. Ill have it with use soon

  4. In Topic: How do I Join every Split after the first in an Array?

    Posted 3 Oct 2014

    what is the value of the string initially and what do u want the string to look like when it has been modified

    hard to make out from your description
  5. In Topic: celsius/ fahrenheit converter

    Posted 3 Oct 2014

    Ok , so your not getting any value for the out, lets have a look at the code

      'Get some input from the user
            decOriginalTemp = CDec(txtTemperature.Text)
            'user checks the celsius button
            If rdoToCelsius.Checked = True Then
                lblResultOutput.Text = CDbl(dblCelsius).ToString
                'user checks the fahrenheit button
                rdoToFahrenheit.Checked = True
                lblResultOutput.Text = CDbl(dblFahrenheit).ToString
            End If

    More importantly these 2 lines (this is were you setting the value of the label)

    lblResultOutput.Text = CDbl(dblCelsius).ToString
    lblResultOutput.Text = CDbl(dblFahrenheit).ToString

    Whats the value of dblCelsius and dblFahrenheit??? ;0

    were In your code are calling the method to convert the value???

    If you have wrote this code then you will solve this instantly

    Damn , beat too it :(

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