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  1. In Topic: Windows store app - Bind images to Grid View

    Posted 21 Apr 2015


    Its highly unlikely that all of these tutorials out there don't work. Is it fair to say they didn't work, for you - that you didn't *just* work the tutorial and build it, but instead read the tutorial then tried to apply it to your project?

    Ive followed many tutorials but they did not work, I don't try a little bit then apply to my application. Im stuck at the minute and will try anything.

    The tutorial always seems to leave out the libraries needed to complile the project, this also happens with many tutorials. Im a windows forms developer so ive moved to c# and windows store, bare with me, it is challenging for me at these early stages.

    I have used MSDN as a reference, I downloaded and attempted to compile the Reversi Game but guess what , thats right it doesn't complie with VS 2013 :(

    I will go over dependencies properties again tonight and attempt to grasp the concept.

    Just on a side note .Register is part of these

    Ill post back when ive something worth reviewing.
  2. In Topic: Windows store app - Bind images to Grid View

    Posted 21 Apr 2015

    I don't know how to implement your method, my goal of this post was to bind a collection to a grid control and be able to see the properties of the item when clicked. ive achieved this.

    im new to windows store development and xaml, and ive tried many mvvm tutorials however of all the tutorials ive not found one that actually worked. it appears that everyone has there own ideas on MVVM and how to implement Inotifypropertychange or observable collections.

    the issue I really have is , many tutorials have a high overview of MVVM and I really don't know which is the best / correct way.

    Twice ive posted my code showing what ive done, for goodness sake if you are really trying to help please tell me what im doing wrong by either providing a simple sample or telling me what I need to do with my code.

    Stating I need dependency properties isn't helping me, I have no grasp of using register, ICommand or UICommands

    a lot of the tutorial I looked at, these seems to be aimed at custom controls

  3. In Topic: Windows store app - Bind images to Grid View

    Posted 20 Apr 2015

    Just to be clear, I do take advise , I do work hard to understand and I always post the solution to the issue if I find it

      <GridView x:Name="grdPoster" 
                    <Grid Height="110" Margin="6">
                            <Image Source="{Binding myImage}" Stretch="UniformToFill"/>

    Movie class
    public class MovieView
        public string ID { get; set; }
        public string MovieName { get; set; }
        public string Subtitle { get; set; }
        public ImageSource myImage { get; set; }
       public MovieView() { }
       public MovieView(string id, string title, string subtitle, ImageSource image)
            ID = ID;
            MovieName = title;
            Subtitle = subtitle;
            myImage = image;

            private async void showPosters(ImageExtensions imgExt, List<Movie> movieCollection)
                lblMovieCount.Text = movieCollection.Count.ToString() + " Movies"; ;
                var gvData = new ObservableCollection<MovieView>();
                foreach (Movie movie in movieCollection)
                    BitmapImage bmp = await GetImage(movie.posterImage);
                    gvData.Add(new MovieView
                        ID = movie.tmdb_id.ToString(),
                        MovieName = "Test",
                        myImage = bmp
                grdPoster.DataContext = gvData;

    tlhIn`toq im moving on, too much time wasted being unproductive within this post
  4. In Topic: Windows store app - Bind images to Grid View

    Posted 20 Apr 2015

    The amount of effort that was put into that last comment shows me you have more than enough time to help folk here.

    I posted this :

    Your correct, I noticed this also.
    I change it to Img to match the property within the class 
    however I still have the same issue 

    while I was looking at dependency properties but you couldn't wait to throw in the large letters (considered as shouting), that pissed me off as it wasn't called for at and early stage of the discussion.



    Ive not heard of a dependency property and have no idea how to implement (yes ive googled it)

    would you care to share an example ?

    you can see I made the properties public and stated I didn't understand, I also asked for a sample not a solution to my issue so no hand holding here.


    The simple fact is you haven't shown much effort in the past

    im pretty sure you haven't looked at any of my previous posts or you would retract this statement, and your simply referring to my post yesterday. The truth is, I spent a number of hours on this today, exploring your suggestions.

    reviewed observable collections and iNotifypropertychange, on top of this I went though 6 episodes of Bob Tabors video series on windows store development.

    But your right , I guess I should lead with everything I tried all day, filled the post with tons of problems I may have had with each then asked for you to hold my hand.

    I guess the name of the game is to get you to feel sorry for me on the initial post rather than getting directly to the issue and were I currently am with the issue.
  5. In Topic: Windows store app - Bind images to Grid View

    Posted 20 Apr 2015

    I went through tutorial one last night, not done the 2nd one yet

    You need to work on your people skills, simply barking "you need" does not work for those who are asking for help on basic concepts.

    Next time you want to be an asshole, you should stop and think "this person is asking for help" I will guild him like other have done throughout my career, be grateful

    Ive been a long standing member of this forum and play by the rules, you on the other hand have got too big for your boots thinking your the best and greatest at what you do.

    so I googled dependency property, looked at the MSDN sample, seen that it doesnt look straight forward to me because im still trying to make the transition between windows forms development to windows store apps.

    I explained that I didn't know what this was nor have heard the term before, You should have taken one minute of your time and explained what this was.

    Stay away from my threads , I do not want your (I was going to say help, but that would be a lie) bull shit comments.

    Good day!

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