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  1. In Topic: issue with templates

    Posted 31 Jan 2015

    View Postmegagig, on 01 February 2015 - 12:08 AM, said:

    Oh wow thank you!!! Yeah our instructor drills into us to NOT put code in the header file :P/>

    Your instructor actually has a good point in that, but it only works for non-template classes (given the way your code currently is). Here you can find good information on this situation and possible methods to cope with it.
  2. In Topic: C++ code reading a file into an array then reversing the array

    Posted 22 Jan 2015

    In addition to jimblumberg's post, you are doing the file input wrong. Notice:
    	ifstream fin ("numbers.dat");  
    	//some code
    	while (!fin.eof() && position < array_size)
    		//some code

    The reason is that in C++ file streams, eof is accessible as an error flag (notice how it is used: fin.eof() which returns a bool value). It is only set to true when the object tries to read past the end-of-file character. You should change the loop to something like this:
    	ifstream fin("numbers.dat");
    	//some code, also checks to see if the file is opened without errors
    	double num[array_size]; //assuming array_size was initialized prior to this line
    	std::size_t count = 0;
    	while(fin>>num[count] && count < array_size) {

    You should read up on formatted input vs. non-formatted input in C++.
  3. In Topic: Read/writing files.

    Posted 17 Jan 2015

    It's nothing difficult, in case you are familiar with streams and how they work. It is possible to give getline a third parameter, a character, which is the delimiter. The default value as the name "getline" suggests is the new-line character \n. But in your case, there is (currently) no new-line involved. Instead, you have to deal with comma.

    Lets examine this code:
    ifstream file("something.txt");
    string s;
    getline(file, s, ',');

    The third line of code reads a line and stores it in s. The words I used in the previous sentence might be a bit ambiguous: you didn't read a line really! You read until a comma was reached!

    Also take note that operator>> does formatted input, which seems like a good method to be used for inputting integers in your case. Try to see if you can use a mixture of getline (for strings) and operator>> (for integers and numerals) for your task, it seems to be working! ;)

  4. In Topic: New Year, New Admin- Modi123_1

    Posted 17 Jan 2015

    Well deserved!
  5. In Topic: c++ function

    Posted 5 Jan 2015

    Is there something not working as expected? It seems you have forgotten to mention your problem with this code.

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    salam man donbale 1 code c++ (ubuntu) migardam vase send o receive data ba port serial mishe rahnamaeem konid ?
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