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  1. In Topic: I'm new to coding

    Posted 30 Jul 2015

    If you really want to get good at C++, then online tutorials only can help you just a little (not to mention if you don't choose them wisely, they can damage your learning process by teaching you outdated, bad practices). I suggest Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup (the creator of C++). Although there are other very good books as well. As long as it's an updated and standard-compliant book written by a respected author, you are good to go! ;)
  2. In Topic: Write the encoded string to a second file, such as coded.txt

    Posted 29 Jul 2015

    You haven't stated what the problem is. However, I noticed your loop:
    while (inputFile) //While last read operation successful, continue
        cout << input << endl; //Display last read line
        getline(inputFile, input);//Read next line
        for (size_t i = 0; i < input.size(); ++i)
            input[i] += 4;//Adding 4 to the ASII value each character

    cout << input << endl doesn't do what you think in the first iteration because you still have not read anything from the file. So, you are just outputting an empty string for the first round.

    Remember that you can use getline as a condition. So, the loop can be changed to the following:
    while( getline(inputFile, input) ) //While last read operation successful, continue
        //now, you are sure that this part is executed only if the getline operation has succeeded
        cout << input << endl;
        //and the rest of the code
  3. In Topic: How to define a vector with variables and arrange in 3x3x3 grid

    Posted 29 Jul 2015

    To be honest, not sure if I have understood you correctly.

    You have a struct which contains the 3 values(i.e. x y z). How about having a vector of this struct:
    struct myStruct; //the struct definition goes here
    std::vector<myStruct> someVector; //now each element is a struct which has 3 float/double values

    Edit: After reading Xupicor's post above, I'm guessing what I thought is way off. Feel free to ignore my post if that's the case. What happened here, stays here :whistling:
  4. In Topic: Using nested looping(C++ programming) to display a number pattern

    Posted 29 Jul 2015

    Using pow is too much overkill for this task. Also, this is C++ so printf should not be used.
    To illustrate what's going on, let's take a look at an example:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main() {
        for(int i=0; i<4; ++i) {
            cout<<"i = "<<i<<endl;
            for(int j=0; j<4; ++j) {
                cout<<"\tj = "<<j<<endl;
        return 0;

    Can you guess how the output is going to be shown before compiling? If yes, then modifying it to achieve your desired output is easy. Remember that you can output on the go, there is no need to store the values in 4 variables, you can just print them on screen in each iteration.
  5. In Topic: Dunno facing what problem

    Posted 28 Jul 2015

    Again, you forgot to post the code. Unless you provide the code you are having problems with, no one can help you.

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    Hey Regarding your code snippet at>
    Can you please explain:
    why when at line 37 and 38,If I do
    while(q!= NULL) {//Line 37
    q = q->link;
    t = new node;
    t->data = str;
    t->link = NULL;<...
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    16 Mar 2011 - 00:56
    @abrsefid: ba arze sharmandegi, komaki az man sakhte nist. Az beine portha faghat ba USB kar kardam oon ham dar sathe kheili payin. Be shoma pishnahad mikonam baraye javabe soaletun dar internet jostejoo konid :)
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    hi i am yogesh
    how to connect internet by mob in linux.
    and tell me book for linux learning
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    27 Feb 2011 - 05:23
    salam man donbale 1 code c++ (ubuntu) migardam vase send o receive data ba port serial mishe rahnamaeem konid ?
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