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  1. In Topic: Problem Regarding Implementation Inheritance

    Posted 24 Nov 2014

    View PostCTphpnwb, on 25 November 2014 - 01:20 AM, said:

    It defines it, but for the base class. I think you need to use templates here, but I always seem to mess up inheritance when using them. :sadlike:

    Ah tell me about it! I have always had a bad feeling towards inheritance, now look how I got trapped again into it :dontgetit:
    After a little bit of testing, it turns out that the copy constructor is not working for the derived class as well. I think I read something wrong in my textbook, because from what I have read, this should be working fine because matrixcw is not adding any invariants...

    I agree with you that I should try templates. After all, it's only a part of the behavior that is changing. I am thinking about passing a function object as template argument right now.

    Will post the results back if it works elegantly this way :mellow: Let me know if you find something.

    Oh and thanks for helping me out my friend :)
  2. In Topic: Problem Regarding Implementation Inheritance

    Posted 24 Nov 2014

    View PostCTphpnwb, on 25 November 2014 - 01:05 AM, said:

    That code compiles and runs for me. Output:
    3 4
    10 12

    Yes, indeed. My problem is that I don't understand why it works now (that has the re-definition of operator+ in matrixcw) but does not work when I omit this re-definition. I expected it to work because the base class defines it already. There must be something I am missing here.

    Edit:Here is what I mean:
    class matrixcw: public matrix_base
        using matrix_base::matrix_base;
        iterator cbegin(const std::size_t&) override;
        iterator rbegin(const std::size_t&) override;
        //Right here, if you comment this out (along with it's definition)
        //the code does not compile
        friend matrixcw operator+(const matrixcw&, const matrixcw&);
        std::size_t linear_index(const std::size_t&, const std::size_t&) const override;
  3. In Topic: Problem Regarding Implementation Inheritance

    Posted 24 Nov 2014

    Pardon me for omitting the full implementation. Here are the files containing the re-implementation of operator+, don't forget the C++11 compiler tag: Attached File (2.61K)
    Number of downloads: 8
    Side note: Currently, the column-wise operations are dummy and a copy of the row-wise implementation. Also, the iterator is customized to satisfy the needs of my project, that's why they are a little bit weird :)
  4. In Topic: class <template> problem

    Posted 23 Nov 2014

    But as jimblumberg and sepp2k have noted, there really is no need to define such function in a class. It would be much more elegant if you had defined it as a templated ordinary function.

  5. In Topic: class <template> problem

    Posted 23 Nov 2014

    There are two problems that you are facing right now. First, you have to omit the repetition of static when you are defining a static member function outside a class. Second, when you are declaring a function inside a class and the definition is outside, you have to tell the compiler to use the template parameters somehow. You do this just like you did with the class:
    template <typename T>
    class swapp
        static void change(T& a, T& B)/>;
    //again, you have to declare the template parameter here,
    //so that the compiler can generate proper code
    //also notice that here we have no mention of static!
    //it's already done in the declaration.
    template <typename T>
    void swapp<T>::change(T& a, T& B)/> {
        T aux;
        aux = a;
        a = b;
        b = aux;

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