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  1. In Topic: How to search for words in text file?

    Posted 16 Dec 2013

    Also, there is something about the way you are performing I/O operations. The way you should do this in C++ by the use of streams is different than the methods you use in C.
    There is a golden tutorial on this matter here, written by Bench which is located here.
    Basically what you need to do is to implement a reading loop in this fashion:
    ifstream file("test.txt");
    string word;
    while(file>>word) { //you could also use getline here
        //do something

  2. In Topic: C++ File Handling!

    Posted 10 Dec 2012

    The problem is a mismatch between the thing you want to do (what you expect your code to do), and the thing it actually does in the following part:
    if (strcmp (name1, first_name) != 0 && strcmp(name2, last_name) != 0) {

    What you have written here is that, if neither the first name nor the last name is equal to what you want to delete, you write this record to the temporary second file (which means you don't want to delete this record, which is correct). But, what if one of the first_name or last_name are equal to the corresponding value to be deleted? Just as you have stated, your code considers these kind of records to be deleted as well, which is wrong.

    Let's consider all cases:
    • (name1 == first_name) and also (name2 == last_name) -> This record has to be deleted
    • (name1 != first_name) but (name2 == last_name) -> This record doesn't have to be deleted
    • (name1 == first_name) but (name2 != last_name) -> This record doesn't have to be deleted
    • (name1 != first_name) and also (name2 != last_name) -> This record doesn't have to be deleted

    But your if statement deletes the record in the first three cases, instead of just the first case. So, change it in a way to match the above.
  3. In Topic: C++ File Handling!

    Posted 10 Dec 2012

    Take a look at this part of your code:
    if (strcmp (name1, first_name) != 0 && strcmp(name2, last_name) != 0) {
        //rest of the code

    Ok, let's go step by step. strcmp returns 0 if both strings are equal. Now tell me, what is being checked here? And also, what you wanted to do. Explain these and you can spot the problem :)
  4. In Topic: C++ File Handling!

    Posted 10 Dec 2012

    eof in C++ streams does not mean the same as eof in C. I suggest you read This Tutorial first to understand this problem and the workarounds.

    Basically, you should substitute char arrays with strings and use file1 >> name1 >> name2 >> address >> cell_Number >> land_line for both input operation and also condition checking.
  5. In Topic: Find()Method problem

    Posted 6 Dec 2012

    Good job! Now you are using the returned value of find.

    Also, you could use the remove function defined in <algorithm> and combine it with string::erase to do the same task:
    name.erase(remove(name.begin(), name.end(), '#'), name.end());

    What remove does is moving all the '#'s (the element you want to delete from the container) to the end. It returns the location from which these un-needed elements begin. So, you can use erase to delete elements from this position till the end of the container.

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