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  1. In Topic: Database problem...

    Posted 28 Jul 2014

    To understand how to apply it to VB6, investigate ADO.
  2. In Topic: Database access

    Posted 28 Jul 2014

    View Postandrewsw, on 19 July 2014 - 06:10 PM, said:

    Glad you sorted.

    I found this link but if it confuses you'll have to continue searching. Aren't you already reading a book or taking a tutorial?

    In the link it uses "SELECT * FROM Employees". For a single record it could be:

    SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Employees WHERE EmployeeID = 54

    You can also use
    SELECT TOP 1 * from Employees
    if you don't care which record you get and don't know anything about the data. That will give you the first one.
  3. In Topic: Inject different types into a List<T> parameter at runtime

    Posted 28 Jul 2014

    As it turns out, my question has its basis in a misunderstanding. When I first got my Export method to work at all, it was with this format:
    public void Export<Category>(someCategoryList, "C:\Temp2\myFile.txt", 0) 

    I wanted to know how I could plug different values in for <Category> without explicitly doing so at design time with some sort of ever-expanding switch statement. As it turns out, this works fine:
    public void Export(someCategoryList, "C:\Temp2\myFile.txt", 0) 

    so the problem is moot. I've already been able to derive the right List ("someCategoryList" in my example) using Reflection, so problem solved.

    Thanks for your ideas, thlin and curtis. thlin, I couldn't put an IEnumerable, because it's an IEnumerable<> and I would have to stick the object into the <>. The whole goal is to not have to do that, injecting the right objects in polymorphically at runtime. So that was no go. Curtis, I'm working on one level of abstraction over that one. Suppose Main is a worker method for a thread, and what you have to work with is a ThreadParameter object that says which method you're going to call in yet another object to return an object that you will then pass to your DoSomething method, that's the architecture I'm going for. So yeah, then I have to cast the list to a type I only know at runtime.

    Interestingly, as is sometimes the case, the solution is to pass nothing at all. :)/>
  4. In Topic: Help with project interface

    Posted 21 May 2014

    First break the interface down into parts. How many parts (forms, reports, whatever) are there? Modi has given you a rough mockup of the part identified in your last sentence. What are the others? Describe them. Once you have those, you're on your way. Take all the requirements and assign them to the part where they belong. As for the screen you have, it isn't consistent with your description of what a manifest is. What it is is the beginnings of a form to add an item to the manifest. Not the same thing.

    Take a stab at it, and post back with your results.
  5. In Topic: remove selected item from list and add the removed items in combo box

    Posted 21 May 2014

    RemoveItem is a method that removes an item from a list box. It doesn't after doing so become a property that contains the last removed item. You can do as Martyr2 suggests, or you can avoid creating a variable thus:

    Combo1.AddItem List1.Text 'You could say List1.List(List1.ListIndex) if you wanted to get melodramatic
    List1.RemoveItem List1.ListIndex

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    31 Dec 2012 - 02:30
    Congratulations for the "Expert of the Year" 1st place award!
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    23 Jul 2012 - 19:09
    Congratulations. You're an expert. you deserved it. :)
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    15 Jun 2012 - 17:53
    I found your post in the thread, that is now locked in the .net forum, to be quite humorous. Just wanted to say I appreciate your work and effort helping people out, because sometimes I don't have the patience myself to sit there spoon feeding people information. Thanks :)
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    01 May 2012 - 18:15
    Congrats .. IDOL :)
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    18 Aug 2011 - 23:55
    How can you manage all these languages without be confusing between them? I tried to learn C++ then after few months changed to VB6 I completely forgot every thing about C++, I cant work with two language in the same time
    You are expert man
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    15 Feb 2011 - 15:02
    Thanks for the recognition. I'm honored.
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    14 Feb 2011 - 19:35
    Congratulations on Expert!
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