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  1. In Topic: After adding data to database, data cannot be find via search

    Posted 21 Sep 2013

    what is the code for searching data?
  2. In Topic: How to change the height of the paper size based on items in a bill

    Posted 19 Aug 2013

    sometimes i ask myself if tlhIn`toq is being paid to convert people from VB6 to .net xD
    but he has a point, you need to know how many items fit inside a single sheet of paperand when you run out of space just tell the printer to start a new page.
    depened on the printer itself you may be able to print unlimited amount of items (atleast until the printer run out of paper)
  3. In Topic: Difference Between HID and USB devices

    Posted 22 Jul 2013

    a HID (Human Interface Device) is a device that make an interface between us and the computer, like a mouse of example or a keyboard.
    a HID dont have to connect to a computer via USB port.
    a USB device could work like a HID if it is one, again mouse or keyboard or game board, but it would still be treated diffrently than a none USB HID since it have to connect to USB port.
    knowing that and as the last poster said you should treat it as serial port even thrught as an electrical instrument (i assume for music) it should still be HID.
    it should have SDK, look at it.
  4. In Topic: Serial key

    Posted 5 Jul 2013

    i'm using Install Creator, its a free program that create installation file, if you do buy it you'll be able to add serial key to the installation file but you cant confirm it infront of a server later.
    you can however create a form where you put a serial key and with some matematical function check if its valid and if it is you could check on a server whether or not that serial is already in use, but in this case then you better not place the serial key in the installation file (if you'll use Install Creator)

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