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  1. In Topic: On Hover Animated Navbar

    Posted 22 Oct 2015

    Thank you! Those links really help.
  2. In Topic: Website Project Idea (escrow &btc)

    Posted 18 Mar 2015

    I've done research on using Bitcoin for my own web sites (after hearing how Visa and MasterCard were politically forced by the United States government to deny Wikileaks service, which I find tyrannical and a suppression of the first amendment) and I found BitPay to sound like the easiest to implement and most reputable so you should try taking a look at them. Keep in mind I haven't had the time to see my ideas come to reality because of school so I haven't worked with it yet. This summer I'll begin my project when I no longer have homework and would be able to tell you more then.
  3. In Topic: Anybody work at GoDaddy as a Sales Rep? (Career advice)

    Posted 18 Mar 2015

    You guys think I should call them and ask before I even put in the application or just wait until the interview? And I heard that sometimes it takes awhile to hear back from them or you get a starting date a month down the road so should I turn in an application now and tell them I'll be available the week after I graduate or just wait until like 2 weeks before?
  4. In Topic: Making a Website Builder

    Posted 17 Mar 2015

    I guess for now I'll go with GetSet's suggestion and start out with just the web builder app and suggest a link to my reseller web site for now until I figure out how to do what I'm trying like ArtificialSoldier is describing, or maybe I might make the web builder in ASP.Net on my separate hosting account and have the code it generates for the client be in PHP so I can use a Linux VSP. I start college next fall and am majoring in CS so if theres any classes that any of you guys took that teach all about VSP's and API's for them that anyone can recommend it'd be great. I am going to a state university so my course selection opportunities should be extensive.
  5. In Topic: Making a Website Builder

    Posted 16 Mar 2015

    If I can find some tutorials on how to program the extensions to the server to add the behavior I want it shouldn't be a problem, that's actually what I was looking for because I will most likely be able to use that knowledge again. Does Windows Server not allow you to build your own extensions for it or something? Sorry about my technical illiteracy, I'm used to writing software or building web sites, not messing around with servers. I get the feeling that your answers only sound simple because theres knowledge that you have that you assume I already have haha. The only experience I have with messing around with servers is setting up emails, hosting, subdomains, FTP, and configuration for server-side languages on a shared hosting account through GoDaddy. I just know that what I'm trying to do is possible because theres other companies out there doing it (such as Wix) and I'm confident in my programming ability to create a builder which generates code based off of a users design and that I can learn the things with configuring a server to run my functions with the right help.

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