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  1. In Topic: [Link] How Well Do You Know the Java Language?

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    Sadly, I scored just 81, though I disagree with some of his answers. He tried splitting hairs and wound up making true statements that he intended to be false. I won't say which in order to not spoil it for others. :smile2:
  2. In Topic: Nightmareish partner programming

    Posted 26 Sep 2012

    View Postno2pencil, on 25 September 2012 - 04:03 PM, said:

    Just do the project on your own, & turn in your own work. Screw'em.

    If you can back up your own claims, then let that individual sink. The project is what is important :)

    Bad advice.

    When I used to teach programming, if a student came to me complaining that someone in their group wasn't working out, I would ask them if they had talked to the person about it. If they had not or were unwilling to then I talked to the person(s) in question and asked for a report from each person in the group to be turned in with the assignment. I had a form to use (and sometimes asked for this from everyone even if they didn't have a complaint), but the point is that I would assign the final grade only after taking these reports into account. If one person didn't pull their share of the load then they didn't get much credit for the work. My students seemed satisfied with this solution.

    One thing I did not tolerate, however, was somebody simply doing the work on their own without consulting me first. That received little to no credit, even if it was well done. The reason: most of my assignments were individual work, so when I assigned a team, part of what I was looking for was how well people could work in a team. If a person simply struck out on their own then that showed a lack of cooperation/teamwork.

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