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  1. In Topic: vb.net vs. vc++?

    Posted 15 Jan 2013

    So you are doing that kind of UIs with WinForms? Sounds like a pain in the butt.

    How about you switch to WPF instead of C++. Learning curve is smaller and that will guarantee that your controls will be fast because all you are doing above can be done pretty simply with XAML.

    For example, here is the Record button (I assumed it was a button) in your code quickly written in XAML:
                <Button BorderThickness="0">
                    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Height="40">
                        <Border Background="Purple" Width="20" />
                        <TextBlock Text="1" FontSize="50" Margin="0,-15,0,0" Foreground="Red" />
                        <Border CornerRadius="0,20,20,0" Width="100" Background="Blue" >
                            <TextBlock Text="RECORD" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" />

    No need to write any actual VB code for styling the UI. You can also search for sample UIs done with WPF by using google's image search (search for "WPF ui design" for example)

    So I would suggest to create a small sample application with WPF so you know if it's fast enough (should be) and fills your needs. If it doesn't, I doubt that just C++ will either. Writing applications in C++ won't make them fast automatically. Sure, it might give you 10% boost in performance but slow code is still slow.

    Btw. Have you tried to figure out why your code runs so slow? Try to set up some StopWatches inside your startup code to see which sections are bottlenecks.
  2. In Topic: Extending a property to a dependency property

    Posted 27 Nov 2012

    I don't really understand what your problem is. Dependency properties are meant to enable data binding between your UI and business logic, DPs being on the UI side (like .Text property of a TextBox). You are not supposed to use Dependency properties inside your models (or viewmodels if you are using MVVM), for that purpose there is the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.

    If you are creating a user control, then it's a good idea to have the properties on it declared as Dependency properties, if you require that you are able to bind to those properties.

    So if you have a library which holds your business logic, you don't need Dependency properties inside that library. If you think you need them, then you are doing something wrong or understanding something wrong. Just the fact that Dependency property requires you to inherit from DependencyObject which is inside the System.Windows namespace should tell that they are not meant to be used in business logic.

    If you need more help with this subject, I'd be happy to help. Just tell us in more detail what you are trying to accomplish and I'll do my best to help you.
  3. In Topic: goto password after enter username - vb.net

    Posted 23 Nov 2012

    You should read what GoTo does on MSDN, it's something completely different than you think it is.

    To set focus on password textbox, try this code:

    Please note that KeyPress event is fired each time user presses any key on txtUser. So if I try to type "janne_panne" on it, just "j" would appear and then focus moves to txtPass making it very annoying to write the whole user name.
  4. In Topic: does your dream looks like this too ?

    Posted 23 Nov 2012

    Maybe you are just having a nightmare?
  5. In Topic: Get Element query in LINQ

    Posted 19 Nov 2012

    If you want to just create a string builder which contains the data you need, instead of creating a new instance of a string builder in Aggregate() function, create it outside a function and pass it as a parameter:

    StringBuilder sbx = new StringBuilder();
    string str = textSegs.Aggregate(sbx, (sb, i) => sb.Append(i), sp => sp.ToString());

    But other than that the code seems to be working just fine. Aggregate function returns a string "Check In: 3:00 pmHotel is situated in the heart of the capital city the hotel isclose to all of the city's major attractions. Centrally locatedon New Jersey Avenue close to nearby dining and shopping."

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    20 Jul 2012 - 03:27
    Hello dearest
    My name is Miss Samada
    How are you? I Hope you are fine and in perfect Health.i came across your profile today and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. Am too curious to know you more. Could you please reciprocate to my message by dropping mail on my contact email (Samada4love88@yahoo.com) so we can introduce our self better on media and also share the passion ...
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    Malor Icon

    19 Apr 2012 - 04:40
    hi janne_panne, i'm using the c# weather app, but when i asking for the weather in Paris, he crashed, because he can't read foreign keys,, can you help me about that please ?
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    hdany Icon

    27 May 2010 - 12:19
    Hi janne_panne,
    Thanks for your help. When I saw your answer, I was thinking you are something like 30 years old and have that kind of experience :) Can I add you as a friend on msn ?
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