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  1. In Topic: sort a dynamic queue using either bubble sort or selection sort

    Posted 11 Nov 2015

    Sorting a queue is no different than sorting any other data structure, do a google search on bubble sort to understand the algorithm
  2. In Topic: Doubly Linked List - Not Working Correctly

    Posted 11 Nov 2015

    Make functions for your linked list! It will be more maintainable and easier to find bugs in your code.
  3. In Topic: c++ program with external file

    Posted 11 Nov 2015

    Always check to see the file is open using is_open() before writing to it. If it is not open, you can check why with the system error code (errno)

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <cerrno>
    #include <cstring>
    int main() {
       std::ofstream file("filepath");
       if(!file.is_open()) {
       else {
           //fie opened successfully
        return 0;

    Note, errno is not standardized and is not thread safe since it is a global variable. The more standard C++ way of doing things would be to catch an exception
  4. In Topic: Question for you math whizzes

    Posted 11 Nov 2015

    Looks right to me
  5. In Topic: C: Using fseek() function instead of EOF macro

    Posted 8 Nov 2015

    If you want to copy to a specific location, seek to that position using fseek, then write to that position using fwrite

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    mireille4U Icon

    30 Apr 2015 - 05:46
    Greeting from mireille i saw your profile today and i became interested in you and i will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address (mireille4u@live.com) i will give you my picture.here is my mail address i hope we can move from here.above. Mireille
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    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    05 Feb 2014 - 07:11
    999 reps, that's a nice number jjl !
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    CODER IT Icon

    04 Dec 2013 - 00:54
    HI . may i ask something ? please do message me .We are assign to do a thesis and were going to choose 1 out of this 3 systems .
    -- Pharmacy Automation System
    -- Online voting system
    -- Internet Cafe System
    but the problem is , we doesnt know how to make programs in making this systems.
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    thekooiman Icon

    27 Mar 2013 - 18:08
    Thank you for all the help and insightful explanations!
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    osu1 Icon

    04 Mar 2013 - 17:26
    thank you for your help!
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    Xupicor Icon

    23 Nov 2012 - 02:08
    666 rep, you are now officially hell of an expert. ;)
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    Tom_Leonardsson Icon

    26 Apr 2012 - 01:19
    http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/276888-sdl-problem-the-bmp-enemy-wont-show/page__p__1609097__fromsearch__1&#entry1609097 help...please!
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    Dogstopper Icon

    01 Jan 2011 - 21:18
    Sorry about the accidental downrep!
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    Atty Icon

    03 Dec 2010 - 09:17
    Hi there.. I saw one of your posts regarding Opengl On PictureBox Toolbox In Visual Studio 2008.Net, can you help me on how should I do it?
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    skyhawk133 Icon

    24 May 2010 - 09:54
    Congrats on your promotion to Expert!
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    teetaaa222 Icon

    01 May 2010 - 09:10
    hi i want to ask u a question please
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    sweetcuty Icon

    28 Apr 2010 - 08:57
    hi ..i have send code of knapsack problem by dynamic programming approach..plz help to find out the memory used by this program..
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    esu20032001 Icon

    19 Apr 2010 - 04:03
    I need help please help me in changing this code to C language
    int balance;
    cout << "Balance : " << setw(15)<< setprecision(2)<< setiosflags(ios::left)<< setiosflags(ios::showpoint)<< setiosflags(ios::fixed)<<balance;
    pls send it to me esu20032001@gmail.com as soon as possible
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    reem alflaa Icon

    14 Apr 2010 - 00:16
    pleas help me for program
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    pari-pari Icon

    11 Apr 2010 - 19:03
    can i ask u something??
    i've learned in my c programming class,
    but i still don't understand,
    what is the meaning by this statement :
    thank you..
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