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  1. In Topic: Encrypted email..sort of

    Posted 12 Dec 2015

    @baavgai, @no2pencil npm install haraka-secwrap should work for you. Or just use the github syntax from the previous post.
  2. In Topic: Encrypted email..sort of

    Posted 15 Nov 2015

    Haraka 2.7.0 has dropped so you can install secwrap using npm. Haraka looks at ./node_modules/ folder in addition to the original ./plugins/ folder.

    npm install snoj/haraka-secwrap

    Working on publishing to npm for even easier install.

    [edit] No need to use a specific branch anymore to use npm install.
  3. In Topic: Encrypted email..sort of

    Posted 1 Oct 2015

    Took a quick look and the next version will support node_module based plugins!

    Some issues are stopping it from getting released though.
  4. In Topic: Encrypted email..sort of

    Posted 1 Oct 2015

    View Postbaavgai, on 01 October 2015 - 05:57 AM, said:

    Neat. I was unaware of haraka; I may fiddle with that. I'm lazy, when are you publishing this to npm? ;)/>/>

    It's an awesome little smtp server. I use it to handle my personal domains (eg * forwards to [email protected]).

    It's hard to say, as far as I know, Haraka isn't setup to use node_modules for plugins. E.g. haraka -i ./someDir; cd ./somedir; npm install haraka-plugin-XYZ; haraka -c .;. So putting it in npm is kind of pointless for that. Maybe if the npm package had a build script to initiate the haraka config directory?

    There's always forking I guess.
  5. In Topic: SHA256 Hashing between C# and PHP

    Posted 6 Mar 2014

    I believe in older versions of PHP ASCII is used internally by default. In the C# code, you're using UTF8.

    Also, in the PHP code, you're generating a new salt each time. So each time the PHP version is called, it will be a different base64 encoded hash.

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    gabehabe Icon

    24 Mar 2011 - 17:37
    You'd have to ask them, I don't do much other than visit the lounge every day or two. Nowhere near as active as I used to be or as much as I'd like to be! I barely even catch you on Twitter or Facebook, I feel it's been too long sir... Let's revive the IRC again ;)
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    gabehabe Icon

    17 Mar 2011 - 06:59
    MISS YOU <3
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    IRodMan Icon

    27 Apr 2010 - 05:05
    Hi snoj,
    I have seen your post on the thread "Want to make a web based game - PHP", and I would like to have you on a project I am working on. I am making a game based on PHP for the Facebook plate form, and I would like to hire you as programmer on this project. You will be payed of course and I am sure we will be able to do some great work on it. Please contact me ASAP if you are...
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