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  1. In Topic: Problem while reading an information from a file as a binary format.

    Posted 20 Apr 2013


    I got a problem during binary file handling.


    Here is the sample text file information

    So is it a text file or a binary file?

    Are you sure all the read operations are successful? Add some more ins.good() checks to your loop.
  2. In Topic: ivars VS. properties for ipad development

    Posted 17 Apr 2013


    And finally, are there any good reasons to declare a function in the .h file if you won't be using the function in any other class other than in itself?

    No, that isn't neccessary. I usually only declare the functions and methods that need to be accessable to other files in the .h file. The main use of a .h file is, after all, to provide an interface that can be included into multiple source files.
  3. In Topic: ivars VS. properties for ipad development

    Posted 17 Apr 2013

    An ivar is similar to a local variable in a function or method, except that it is local to the class. A property creates methods to read and write an ivar, an usually creates the ivar itself.
    [code[@interface MyClass : NSObject
    @property(nonatomic) NSString* myProperty;

    @implementation MyClass {
    NSString* myIvar;
    This code will produce something very similar to the following:
    @interface MyClass : NSObject
    - (NSString*) myProperty;
    - (void) setMyProperty: (NSString*) value;
    @implementation MyClass {
        NSString* myIvar;
        NSString* _myProperty;
    - (NSString*) myProperty {
        return _myProperty;
    - (void) setMyProperty: (NSString*) value {
        _myProperty = value;

    The property will use more space and take longer to access, but this is such a small difference that you shouldn't have to worry about it. My personal preference is to use an ivar if it will only be used internally by the class, or it property if it has to be used outside the class.
  4. In Topic: Need some assistance with my FSM

    Posted 10 Apr 2013

    It sounds like you don't want a tutorial on C++ itself, but rather one on the structuring of a program? Since you mentioned games, I had a look at the game programming tutorials on this website. Both stayscrisp's Beginning SDL series and RevTorA's C++ Tile Engine From Scratch series look like they could help you (I don't have much to judge your current skill level from, so I may have misjudged). You don't have to focus on the use of SDL and SFML if you don't plan on using those libraries, but read the tutorials and pay attention to how the code is structured. The code from both series contain errors, but most of it is fixed in the comments.

    Beginning SDL - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
    C++ Tile Engine From Scratch - Part 1, 2, 3, 4
  5. In Topic: Need some assistance with my FSM

    Posted 10 Apr 2013


    Since I seriously don't like basiclly being called a moron when it comes to a lack of knowledge that I was asking you experts on, I will ask one last question and leave you experts to respectfully answer to me

    I am unsure if you are implying that my post was disrespectful and offensive, or if you are talking about something else entirely (in which case you can ignore this paragraph). If the former is true, I would like to apologize, as it was not my intention. In retrospect, I realize that the exclamation may be misinterpreted, so I have changed it to a simple question to prevent misunderstandings.

    Back on topic, I know about a few online tutorials, but most of them focus on the basics of C++. It seems that you need a more advanced tutorial, so I will see if I can find something that looks promising later.

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