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  1. In Topic: Jquery toggle stopped working with after converting app to .net 4.0

    Posted 4 Feb 2016

    shouldnt it be
    since it is a variable
  2. In Topic: "Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now"

    Posted 13 Dec 2015

    I'm fairly new to php and MySQL, didn't know MySQL accepted prepared statements. Thank you sir. I'm going to read on this and try to improve all my code from now on
  3. In Topic: Looking for opinions, Thread Looping infinity

    Posted 2 Dec 2015

    Thank you for the help. I'll take a look at the task scheduler.
  4. In Topic: Looking for opinions, Thread Looping infinity

    Posted 2 Dec 2015

    So what you are proposing is to leave the thread as a single run, and make a task scheduler to make it go?

    The problem I have with the scheduling is that

    1. I don't know if there is a way to schedule a task given the first task finished.
    2. If there is no way to start it after it is done. And there has to be a time set it might encounter the first thread not finished which would give conflict with some data being evaluated twice and inserted twice or even conflict between threads.

    This app has to be as exact as posible since it will tell if there is an emergency and raise an alert. The time it takes between noticing the event is relevant the faster the better.
  5. In Topic: Looking for opinions, Thread Looping infinity

    Posted 2 Dec 2015

    Yea it is on a database, the idea of not making it as a trigger (meaning parsing the data as it comes) is because
    1. There is an insane amount of insertions in a second
    2. The parsing is very complex requires alot of math and doing it in SQL is really hard, for me it was imposible without the use of functions. Which slowed the process down.

    So what this thread does is once is done with a pool of data that it got from the database, it starts the process again, by selecting the new data that was inserted while it was doing the first pool. This has to be done over and over and over.

    ** It's worth noting that, there is a deamond that inserts the data in the database as it comes throught the port. The problem is that i dont have access to modify that deamond because well

    1. The code is nowhere to be found.
    1. Cannot turn it down.
    2. Cannot build a new one, there is not resourse to buy a testing public ip. And since it's not posible to turn it down it really doesn't matter.

    **The idea of this app is to make it work like a service, on the background in the server.



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