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  1. In Topic: Challenge: Tree Isomorphism

    Posted 15 Sep 2015

    KYA: mind elaborating? I don't think I understand your how you are constructing this tuple list

    mojo66: What depth first pattern? I can think of a few things that might mean. It sounds similar to my solution but I am not sure exactly what you are saying here.

    Your second solution is really neat! I love the answer. There is however a linear algorithm that works even for non-unique values (I wrote it in Haskell in spoiler tags if you want to see).
  2. In Topic: [Link] Aho and Ullman- Foundations of Computing Free Textbook

    Posted 9 Sep 2015

    Just so everyone knows how good these guys are, they wrote the original dragon book which is still the standard book to this day (now the second edition which has more authors). These guys rock. Trying to work my way though there book was one of the best things I ever did. This looks super good too!
  3. In Topic: [Link] Steven Dutch's Top Ten No Sympathy Lines

    Posted 5 Sep 2015

    well on the I realize now "Some Topics in Class Weren't on the Exams" says the opposite of what I thought it said. I thought it said "Some Topics on the Exam weren't covered in class". Which is an issue. So that was me not reading things correctly.


    Right, but there is a difference between voicing your concerns once you understand they're concerns, and sitting idly by and complaining anonymously on the teacher evaluations. I think there is a pretty clear distinction in what this professor is talking about.

    Is there? The primary difference is telling them imminently and to their face vs waiting a bit and having anonymity. I don't often know how a professor will react so I don't necessarily want confront them about it. I might very well want to wait and explain the issue anonymously. More over, at least at my school, t-vals are read by administrators so there is over sight. If I just tell the teacher I have no guarantee the issue is going to be fixed where as an administrator can check in on the issue. I've never actually complained on a t-val for this reason but I can imagine it happening. It is quite potentially valid.

    Also don't get the idea that I am taking the side of the students. I just think this is poorly presented and probably just letting of some steam. Like I said. I think it is about 70% decent and about 30% bad. Just not stuff I'd personally want to be spreading.
  4. In Topic: [Link] Steven Dutch's Top Ten No Sympathy Lines

    Posted 5 Sep 2015

    I feel like a some of these are just strange and have bad justifications. He isn't all wrong here mind you but so much of this isn't just wrong it's nonsensical. Like he is claiming there are issues that there or not or he is ignoring huge things or even just not addressing the issue. Not something I would personally pass around. It's like 70% basically right and 30% bullshit. So I give dutch a C at best here.

    First off grades just shouldn't be as important as they currently are, perhaps something Dutch might agree with even. The whole issue from the students generally revolves around getting a good grade however. Why? Because grades are the metric by which we are judged. It shouldn't be that way but often it is and it has been this way our whole lives. This is super frustrating for everyone involved. A proper discussion should probably keep in mind that this kind of frustration exists and the motives of the students should be kept in mind. Students want to create a culture that evaluates their grades more highly, that is in their benefit and it is what you should expect a student to want. It also has the nice consequence of removing the relevance of grades. Any real discussion is going to keep in mind the motives of the students in class.

    He says issues in class should be dealt with in class. I'm going to assume he meant in office hours or just after class to be included in "in class" because literally in class is often not the time to deal with such a thing. Even still some issues do not become apparent until a long time has spread. I generally find my self realizing some issues with the course only about 75% of the way though them, generally after the damage has been done. People should complain so that other people don't suffer the same issue. If everyone complains as such then I won't suffer where other people have; that's the kind of system I want to be in.

    His justification for "Some Topics in Class Weren't on the Exams" is a total straw man. Yes, I agree with his definition...and to test it, it needs to match what was covered. If you don't match it you are not testing me. Moreover you are harming my GPA, a metric by which the rest of world wants to boil down my entire worth to until I get more job experience. That's pretty much an unfair assault on me as I see it. Note: I have personally never experienced this and I think this is mostly kids spouting bullshit but if it did happen it would be a major issue.

    His whole claim of an issue with memorization and the "hoax" seems so odd. First off, I never memorize anything. It is, as near as I can tell, not particularly useful. Next, it was hugely emphasized in grade school unlike his claim states. I pretty much just stopped listening because nothing he says on the basis of these false claims has any relevance IMO. He's just yelling nonsense.

    The whole thing had some fine points and stuff but a lot of it was also just some angry bullshit.
  5. In Topic: I need datastructure inspiration

    Posted 2 Sep 2015

    Yea I came here to say database. The answer is a database. Another data structure you might consider is a bimap which C++'s boost library also implements. Looking more stuff up I found the far more general multiindex data structure which basically attempts to implement the best possible structure to do what you need it to do. This is probably a pretty good pick. Multiindex is basically an in memory, compile time optimized, highly specific, database. C++ has some neat stuff if you can put up with the overwhelming complexity of it.

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    No witty rep meaning at the moment. Though 1415 AD was memorable, that's the year Jan Hus (John Huss) was burned, an event which pushed his followers (later known as Hussites) to fight. Hussite Wars were a bloody period, but mighty interesting. ;)
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    I don't remember what it said in the first place.
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    Not nearly subtle enough.
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    30 Jun 2012 - 21:20 has to be subtle enough though
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    Your title would be WAY funnier if there was a spelling error in it.
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    im a "master" now!!
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