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  1. In Topic: [Link] Ten Things You Didn't Know About Petersen Graph

    Posted 14 Jan 2015

    That is crazy cool. I'm looking at how to generate those graphs now for arbitrary group operations on real numbers. You can do this for addition and multiplication for instance (wikipedia gives the math behind the addition one) but I would really like to do this for arbitrary group operations. That way I can find inverse functions too (like how he found division, you can do the same thing with subtraction in the addition form of such a curve).
  2. In Topic: What's Your Phone PLAN?

    Posted 13 Jan 2015

    Today I learned that my mom and dad (who pay my cellphone bill still) probably pay about $350 (a over few thousand a year) a month in large part so that I can have a phone. Holy shit. What else am I not thinking about that they are still paying is in there somewhere for sure (car, health, dentistry, probably something else too)...what about those stickers you put on your licence plates? What do those cost?

    I was just thinking the other day how kush my life is even though my annual expenses, college included, are like $15,000. I realize that having roommates to split rent and food costs with helps and the fact that I have a fully paid off car is a huge boon but it still seemed really odd to me considering that it was always my understanding that living off of 15K sucked while here I am with like 3 computers, a car, decent-ish food every day; I don't really not have anything that I want that badly. I figured my college expenses broke even with the car and cheaper rent/food costs. It's starting to make more sense now.

    TL;DR I realized that my parents are probably still paying for a bunch of stuff that I wasn't thinking about. like many thousands of dollars a year worth of stuff that I wasn't thinking about.

    edit: I havn't been to the doctors too often. Maybe 4 times if you include the dentist but I never paid for that either. I'm fucking spoiled.
  3. In Topic: [Cryptography] 128-Bit AES- Rijndael

    Posted 24 Dec 2014

    Yea I'm not taking real analysis until grad school. I'll probably take topology as an undergrad but I think I'm going to stay away from things that don't apply to a very wide range of topics I might go into. I have no clue who my advisor will be but I will almost certainly be using topology regardless of what I pick. Real analysis is something I'd really only take if I got an advisor that was interested in exact real arithmetic.
  4. In Topic: [Cryptography] 128-Bit AES- Rijndael

    Posted 23 Dec 2014

    Yea number theory is deeply connected to algebra for sure. Lagrange's theorem and related theorems basically add an ungodly amount of structure to the understanding of factors. It basically lets one go from treating integers as very simple objects to very meaningful groups. For instance to prove that two numbers are co-prime just find two cyclic groups of respective orders and show that their direct product is cyclic; this might just give you the structure you need to show something like this. I'm not sure how fruitful this approach is but it illustrates how algebra can add structure to a problem that we might normally think has less structure. It's also a convenient source of free theorems.

    I think the other class that I am going to take is probably real analysis as mentioned because I think one of the things I want to study is exact real arithmetic with computable reals. I'm beyond fascinated with the topic. I don't actually care about topology for studying manifolds or euclidean spaces or even the real numbers. Scott topologies basically lets us use topology to study computable and total functions as continuous functions (if bottom is included then continuous functions are computable and functions that never return bottom are total. if bottom is excluded then total functions are continuous functions). The real trick is that this continues up into things like functions between functions and so on where as classical computability theory only deals with functions from natural numbers to natural numbers. Also denotational semantics and domain theory can optionally take place in terms of Scott topologies. That's the basic area I have in mind.

    Also if you are interested in formal logic you can get a lot of mileage out of topology. Homotopy type theory is a big field of study for instance (and one of the primary motivations of me taking the algebra course).
  5. In Topic: [Cryptography] 128-Bit AES- Rijndael

    Posted 23 Dec 2014

    We did go over automorphisms. In fact we were introduced to them by adjacency automorphisms and automorhpism groups. We skipped the section in our book about group actions. I'm highly interested in type theory, computability (especially higher type computability), and certain areas of complexity theory (again namely higher type complexity theory). All of these things require a lot of topology background. Part of a good topology background is an algebra background so I took the course. I'm not sure I really should have taken it now.

    I get Euler's theorem, Fermat's last theorem, Fermat's little theorem, and the Chinese remainder theorem confused constantly. I'm not super fond of number theory. Our algebra course seemed to have an overtone of number theory.

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    30 Apr 2015 - 05:44
    Greeting from mireille i saw your profile today and i became interested in you and i will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address ( i will give you my is my mail address i hope we can move from here.above. Mireille
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    22 Aug 2013 - 10:26
    Just wanted to thank you for my 4000th rep vote back on Aug 12th. Appreciate it!
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    18 May 2013 - 13:32
    Hello I would like to speak to you about something important. About a game. email me at I dont know how else to get in contact with you. Thanks.
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    24 Nov 2012 - 01:19
    No witty rep meaning at the moment. Though 1415 AD was memorable, that's the year Jan Hus (John Huss) was burned, an event which pushed his followers (later known as Hussites) to fight. Hussite Wars were a bloody period, but mighty interesting. ;)
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    Xupicor Icon

    21 Nov 2012 - 13:24
    Now your rep says you're "lala" :P That could mean "a doll" where I'm from. Yes, it has more than meaning here too... ;)
    So, how's it going, doll? ;p
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    ishkabible Icon

    10 Sep 2012 - 10:42
    Hey, my rep says I'm 'leet'
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    BenignDesign Icon

    07 Jul 2012 - 05:18
    spelling expret works too!
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    06 Jul 2012 - 18:48
    Then I would go legitimately subtle... like "speling expert" or "spelling export" .... drop or change ONE letter... hence, subtle.
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    BenignDesign Icon

    05 Jul 2012 - 10:31
    I don't remember what it said in the first place.
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    BenignDesign Icon

    01 Jul 2012 - 21:15
    Not nearly subtle enough.
  11. Photo

    ishkabible Icon

    30 Jun 2012 - 21:20 has to be subtle enough though
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    BenignDesign Icon

    30 Jun 2012 - 16:23
    Your title would be WAY funnier if there was a spelling error in it.
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    hulla Icon

    11 Mar 2012 - 08:45
    1K rep :)
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    r.stiltskin Icon

    04 Dec 2011 - 20:19
    Been busy.
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    hulla Icon

    21 Nov 2011 - 08:23
    What's an esoteric hack? O.O
    What's a purely functional programming language? I've never used one before but they sound interesting . . .
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