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  1. In Topic: [LUA] Function keeps returning a NIL value

    Posted 22 Mar 2014

    nothing in your code as far as I can see would print anything out
  2. In Topic: What shouldn't most programmers write themselves?

    Posted 19 Mar 2014

    I'd like to iterate "basic algorithms and data structures" from adam's post. While I don't think that you shouldn't do this for the reasons you shouldn't do Crypto it is a very good rule. Smart people spend LOTS of time writing really high quality data structures and algorithms in standard libraries for you; USE THEM. I can almost promise you don't have the time to beat their implementation even if you have the skill.

    I'll go ahead an parrot other things from adams post:
    Anything security critical since even if it is simple you don't want to be the guy that fucks up
    Anything with a complex standard like HTML, or XML, or some complex protocol, or file type etc...
    Date and time stuff is surprisingly tricky. Jon Skeet who some might know from stack overflow has a great talk about why shouldn't do that on your own.

    I'd also add performance critical code like numerical computing, etc..

    The last thing I'll had is concurrency. Don't use it directly because it is a mess of a problem to deal with.
  3. In Topic: 10 Programming Languages You Should Learn

    Posted 19 Mar 2014


    Now wait a minute - I thought the benefit was it was natural and more akin to how folks think.. not something I need to go traipse off and learned some nuanced tidbits.

    Eh well ya, it isn't perfect as I have said; I think that it is more natural in many cases (and I think the quicksort mentioned shows that) but knowing why it is also efficient can be very nuanced and often beyond me even though I've been using haskell for a couple years. I've learned a few general rules that make knowing weather something is efficient or not pretty easy. Knowing why things are inefficient in haskell is just as strange. Efficiency tuning is a subject for magical wizards in haskell if you ask me; I've only picked up a small bit of their craft. This is a downside to haskell IMO and if it interferes too much with your application (which I think is unlikely) you should consider using a different language. I don't think I would write a performance critical bit of software like CBLAS in haskell personally; the nuances you mention would creep up on me I fear.

    general rules:

    1) linear running time list functions layered on top of each other don't really cost much of anything as they tend to get fused, mangled in laziness, or optimized away in some fashion. so if you apply two filters and an append to a list it ends up being like you did one very tight single loop though it. While not always true you can pretty safely stack away linear operations assuming that they will be fine and then later fix the efficiency if it is an issue.

    2) Allocation cost very little in haskell and you shouldn't worry too much about it. It also tends to get magically optimized away. An odd topic that I have only started to get my hand around is space leaks in lazy programs. Basically you can sometimes have a space leak sneak up on you because you built up a thunk WAY to big thinking it would be evaluated and it wouldn't be an issue. Haskell provides a means by which to take over its evaluation order to solve this. if you get a space leak switch to foldl' or foldr' where it makes sense and strictly evaluate offending accumulators.

    3) A bit of a combination of the above two and "premature optimization is root of all evil": program like you don't care how only the code takes to run and let the magical compiler do the rest.

    4) attempt as much as possible to use the library implementation of things sense they had experts figure these things out for you. Your code will be more efficient, smaller, cleaner, and not have all these gotchas. I recommend the same thing with STL in C++.

    Some reasons to not use haskell:
    *occasionally complex space and time complexity. This can get you and knowing how to fix it can be non-trivial. Very seldom an issue however
    *You are doing something that id fundamentally array heavy like CBLAS. Use a procedural language instead then that most closely fits your other needs.
    *You are doing something low level. use assembly, C, or C++
    *As it stands I don't think there are very many good GUI libs so if you are doing GUI you might consider something else. I like .NET personally
    *There does not exist a library in haskell that does or is a major part of what you wanted to do. This is frequently an issue for me so I choose a different language.

    Some reasons to use haskell:
    *Your application is tree heavy. Haskell handles trees REALLY well but dosn't handles arrays very well. It is a tradeoff.
    *It is often more natural and easier to do many things in haskell
    *Because of Hackage there is a wealth of libraries easily available so it is very likely that haskell *does* have the library you want or need
    *You are writing a complex input output tool. I think haskell shines at this. Webserver, IRC bot, *nix file tool, etc.. things like you would use python or perl for but bigger than a little script for your personal use.
  4. In Topic: [LUA] Function keeps returning a NIL value

    Posted 19 Mar 2014

    where did you expect anything to be printed out?
  5. In Topic: [LUA] Function keeps returning a NIL value

    Posted 19 Mar 2014

    words is an iterator function NOT a table as you said. all you need to do is turn it into an array though!

    words = {}
    for x in string.gmatch(source, "[^%s]+") do
        table.insert(words, x)

    no need to write your own split function!

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    30 Jun 2012 - 21:20 has to be subtle enough though
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    What's a purely functional programming language? I've never used one before but they sound interesting . . .
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    im a "master" now!!
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