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  1. In Topic: Contrapositive of "and/or"

    Posted 21 Nov 2015

    View PostSkydiver, on 20 November 2015 - 06:41 PM, said:

    This then makes:
    if speed > 90mph and/or lights off then driving recklessly.

    have an inverse of:
    if speed <= 90mph and lights on then driving safely.

    That sounds right now.

    Your notion of "inverse" seems to just be the contrapostive of the other direction of implication. Namely if A and the "inverse" A hold it would seem that A is a biconditional.

    the notion of "inverse" which I am interpreting from this is the following:

    A -> B
    has the following inverse
    ~A -> ~B
    of which the (equivlent) contrapostive is
    B -> A

    knowing A -> B and B -> A means that A is true if and only if B is true. That is A <-> B and the two will always have the same truth value (well in normal models).

    side note:
    When programming contrapostives can play an important role not unlike bayes theorem in probability. Namely it may be impossible to know weather B is true a priori but checking the truth or false hood of A might be doable. Thus we can determine the truth value of B by computing the truth value of A
  2. In Topic: [Link] Quasi-Polynomial Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism

    Posted 17 Nov 2015

    They released the video recording: http://people.cs.uch...5-11-10talk.mp4
  3. In Topic: [Link] Quasi-Polynomial Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism

    Posted 15 Nov 2015

    Perhaps I'm not understanding something. We know that GI is in NP. If we prove that GI is not in P then we have a problem which is in NP and not in P. So we have a proof of P!=NP because there is a problem that they don't share. Proving that GI isn't NP-complete is irrelevant isn't it?
  4. In Topic: [Link] Quasi-Polynomial Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism

    Posted 14 Nov 2015

    If Laszlo is right he might get the Turing award for it. Given his already huge contributions to complexity theory it wouldn't be uncalled for.

    Additionally this might lead to either proving that Graph Isomorphism is in P or that it is not. If it is proven that, as Laszlo expects, that GI is not in P then we have our proof of P!=NP. If it is in P then that is another nail in the coffin for NP-intermediate problems (which we desperately want to find in order to prove P!=NP). The proof of GI not being in P, if it exists, is probably extremely hard to find but some progress was made here. Apparently certain combinatorics were learned about the problem that seem to very strongly suggest that GI is not in P. I don't know all of the details and you should take what I am saying with a huge grain of salt mind you. What I'm telling you is a) not per-reviewed b) I've heard this though the grapevine and c) I don't really know this material. All that withholding it sounds to me like some progress might have been made towards PvsNP. Historically when someone has found a quasi-polynomal algorithm a polynomial algorithm was just around the corner. This one might be special however. That said proving it is special is likely an order of magnitude harder to prove.


    As an engineer, I'm just curious on what is the application of this in science and engineering ? This looks like some breakthrough in mathematics/theoretical computer science, but my math background is not up this level.

    I was reading about all the things GI is used in but we already have good heuristics for those cases and supposedly (again I don't have direct sources) Laszlo isn't to hopeful his proof will lead to an implementation. This might just be of theoretical interest albeit extreme theoretical.
  5. In Topic: [Link] Quasi-Polynomial Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism

    Posted 12 Nov 2015

    here is a much more informative link. I haven't made it though my self but I figured I'd post it for others while I'm working my way though it.

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    Just wanted to thank you for my 4000th rep vote back on Aug 12th. Appreciate it!
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    Hello I would like to speak to you about something important. About a game. email me at I dont know how else to get in contact with you. Thanks.
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    No witty rep meaning at the moment. Though 1415 AD was memorable, that's the year Jan Hus (John Huss) was burned, an event which pushed his followers (later known as Hussites) to fight. Hussite Wars were a bloody period, but mighty interesting. ;)
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    Now your rep says you're "lala" :P That could mean "a doll" where I'm from. Yes, it has more than meaning here too... ;)
    So, how's it going, doll? ;p
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    Hey, my rep says I'm 'leet'
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    spelling expret works too!
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    Then I would go legitimately subtle... like "speling expert" or "spelling export" .... drop or change ONE letter... hence, subtle.
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    I don't remember what it said in the first place.
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    Not nearly subtle enough.
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    30 Jun 2012 - 21:20 has to be subtle enough though
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    30 Jun 2012 - 16:23
    Your title would be WAY funnier if there was a spelling error in it.
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    11 Mar 2012 - 08:45
    1K rep :)
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    04 Dec 2011 - 20:19
    Been busy.
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    21 Nov 2011 - 08:23
    What's an esoteric hack? O.O
    What's a purely functional programming language? I've never used one before but they sound interesting . . .
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    22 Oct 2011 - 20:02
    im a "master" now!!
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