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  1. In Topic: Sorting alot of data, and maintaining O(1)

    Posted 11 Dec 2014

    Perhaps I am misreading this but it may be very simple. I interpret the sorted part as a precondition as is it says "when the users are sorted by the folowing" not that you have to sort them and then get the Xth person, they jsut already are. That is this is just a simple array access. I think Mac's answer is showing how you could with a bit of prework create an O(1) comparison (and I think that probably for the best given some people have millions of followers).

    The fact that Mac seems to have interpreted this differently has me thinking that I may just be misunderstanding however.
  2. In Topic: [link] Donít Be Scared Of Functional Programming

    Posted 4 Jul 2014

    IO seems ad-hoc until you understand monads better. They take too long to understand IMO, it took me a couple of years of programing in Haskell to understand them properly. It really is a brilliant way of maintaining purity.

    also I think you don't really need to relay on IO too much. I think with tools like Parsec that textual file IO is easy. For loading binary data you are probably already using some kind of library to parse the files so that isn't generally an issue.
  3. In Topic: Computer Science Research

    Posted 1 Jul 2014

    It is an extremely broad field of study and tends to overlap heavily with math (as said CS is math), and philosophy (at least if you study programming languages and logic it does). I'm also involved in research this summer. My research is mostly in programming languages with some overlap in machine learning.

    Here is a list

    • Programing Languages: This is a broad and some ill defined field. It deals with the study, creation, implementation, and analysis of programming languages. It has a lot of overlap with formal methods. Logic and proof theory are also studied in programming languages. Lambda calculus is a preferred entry point to most programming languages research. This is my chosen area of research.
    • Formal Methods: This deals with verification and model checking. Ever wonder how people could feel safe writing code for a nuclear facility or a medical device (like a pacemaker)? This is how. You can actually have some very hard proof that your code will never fail with formal methods.
    • Computational Complexity: This deals with analyzing and classifying the computational difficulty of problems. I am blow away by the magnitude of some of the topics in this field. There are people that research complexity classes Far beyond NP (likely the hardest problems you have every encountered are in NP or EXPTIME).
    • Computability: This is a very interesting topic that deals with the notion of "Effective Computability". The grandfather problem here is halting problem. Other topics include mu-recursion, primitive recursion, multiple recursion, truing machines, formal language theory is closely related.
    • Formal language theory and Automata theory: This mostly deals with the study of language and is closly related to computability. Look it up!
    • Algorithims: This is the study and analysis of algorithms. It is closely related to Computational Complexity. Things like Big-Oh and the creation of new algorithms are studied here
    • AI, Machine Learning, and AGI: This deals with getting computers to solve problems that are ill defined where we can really only say "A is the input" and "B is the output". For instance speech recognition the input is set of audio frames with a bunch of volumes for each pitch. The output is text! No one really understands how we convert sound to text but machine learning can still do it! AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is the study of strong AI. This deals with better defined but more general problems.
    • Computational physics: Dogstopper would be a better person to explain this but basically it deals with solving problems in physics with computers. I think Dogstopper once talked about how the place he worked at actually simulated particles flying around for a few hours to determine the radiation caused by different experiments.
    • Computational geometry: Rendering, collision detection, polygon splitting, polyhedron cutting, all of these things often hyper dimensional and much much more. These are a few of a computational geometer's favorite things
    • Scientific and Numerical Computing: This is a more broad field of than Computational physics and is generally concerned with good algorithms for doing specific computations that pop in different scientific and mathematical fields. physics is a major driving forces here
    • Distributed Systems and Big Data: Dealing with super computers and other highly parallel systems is the topic here. Ever wondered how Google does what they do? This is the research area. This is closely related to machine learning.
    • I could keep going on and on. Emended Systems, Operating Systems, Cryptography(A very math oriented field), software engineering, the list is very large.

    Hope this helps!
  4. In Topic: [LUA] Function keeps returning a NIL value

    Posted 22 Mar 2014

    nothing in your code as far as I can see would print anything out
  5. In Topic: What shouldn't most programmers write themselves?

    Posted 19 Mar 2014

    I'd like to iterate "basic algorithms and data structures" from adam's post. While I don't think that you shouldn't do this for the reasons you shouldn't do Crypto it is a very good rule. Smart people spend LOTS of time writing really high quality data structures and algorithms in standard libraries for you; USE THEM. I can almost promise you don't have the time to beat their implementation even if you have the skill.

    I'll go ahead an parrot other things from adams post:
    Anything security critical since even if it is simple you don't want to be the guy that fucks up
    Anything with a complex standard like HTML, or XML, or some complex protocol, or file type etc...
    Date and time stuff is surprisingly tricky. Jon Skeet who some might know from stack overflow has a great talk about why shouldn't do that on your own.

    I'd also add performance critical code like numerical computing, etc..

    The last thing I'll had is concurrency. Don't use it directly because it is a mess of a problem to deal with.

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    What's a purely functional programming language? I've never used one before but they sound interesting . . .
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    im a "master" now!!
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