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  1. In Topic: Student class that includes boolean

    Posted 7 Feb 2015

    Currently you have everything mixed up. I would suggest to redo from start.

    According to the problem description, there should be 2 fields in the Student class, which is abstract.
    private String name;
    private boolean fullTimeStatus;

    Since the abstract class won't be instantiated, you don't need a constructor here.
    An abstract method declaration to determine the tuition fees would also go in Student.
    FullTime and PartTime are concrete classes that would extend Student.
    You could set the fullTimeStatus to be true in the constructor of FullTime and false in the constructor of PartTime.
    Definition of the method to determine tuition fees would also be written in both these classes. In FullTime, it would simply return the flat fees. In PartTime, you would need another field, creditHours (probably you are using the term 'credits' for it in the current code). The tuition fees would then be calculated and returned based on this field.
    You can worry about instantiating the two subclasses once you have them set up correctly.

    Hope this explanation would help you start in the correct way :)
  2. In Topic: Method creation

    Posted 7 Feb 2015

    View Postroinujo1, on 07 February 2015 - 09:45 AM, said:

    Hello again! In my book for learning java, one of the questions asks us to create a method header named convertTOKM that takes an int parameter, which is the number of miles, and returns a double value for the converted value in kilometers. I made one, but wanted to know if I was right in any way. Here it is:
    public double convertTOKM(int miles, double kilometers){

    No it isn't. The question means
    public double convertTOKM(int miles){
  3. In Topic: Output giving question marks?

    Posted 7 Feb 2015

    I have Kepler.
    By doing the code fix provided by me, I get
    Deck of cards:
    🂡 🂢 🂣 🂤 🂥 🂦 🂧 🂨 🂩 🂪 🂫 🂬 🂭 🂮 
    🂱 🂲 🂳 🂴 🂵 🂶 🂷 🂸 🂹 🂺 🂻 🂼 🂽 🂾 
    ? 🃂 🃃 🃄 🃅 🃆 🃇 🃈 🃉 🃊 🃋 🃌 ? 🃎 
    🃑 🃒 🃓 🃔 🃕 🃖 🃗 🃘 🃙 🃚 🃛 🃜 ? 🃞 

    And did you try the fix provided by me in my previous post (I haven't done it)?
  4. In Topic: can't get it in a frame

    Posted 7 Feb 2015

    I can't see you adding the content to your frame.
    Start with a simple tutorial http://examples.java...jframe-example/
    Also, make it a practice that your class names begin with a capital letter.
  5. In Topic: How do you dynamically add objects to an array in any position in java

    Posted 7 Feb 2015

    View Postnotoriousnitin, on 06 February 2015 - 11:43 PM, said:

    How would I add my trading card object to the specified position without overwriting what is currently there and shifting all other elements? So confused someone help Here is my current code.

    You shift all the elements (by one) after the specified position first. After that, you add the card to the required position. You don't need any other data structure.

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