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  1. In Topic: Java Roomba program help

    Posted 14 Feb 2014

    Where is your RoombaBot class? Also, why does every Circle need to have an ActionListener if they move randomly? I think that your frame should have the ActionListener which moves your RoombaBot.
  2. In Topic: File output not working but no error messages.

    Posted 15 Dec 2013

    Without running your code, I know for certain you need to have a finally { } after the catch to .flush() and .close() the writer. Otherwise, the file is not closed. Contact is a complex object I assume--Does it have an overriden toString() method that returns its attributes (first and last name I presume) as a String?
  3. In Topic: File output not working but no error messages.

    Posted 15 Dec 2013

    Why doesn't your TreeSet have generics? TreeSet<String>(). Also, can we see your csv file content?
  4. In Topic: Just completed my first GUI project!

    Posted 15 Dec 2013

    You might look at other ways of implementing ActionListener. I typically use anonymous action listeners if the listener is used once. If it is used for more than one component, then I create a separate Action listener class. You can create it in it's own file or make an inner class.

    Other than that, I think you format your code well, group things logically, and pay attention to scope of variables well. From the standpoint of a GUI, I would try to make the radio buttons a little less verbose. Try out a something a little more succinct:

    Level of exercise:

    1-3 days per week
    3-5 days per week
    6-7 days per week

    This is a perfect time to use a JComboBox =)
  5. In Topic: Guessing game issue - Limit number of guesses

    Posted 2 May 2013

    You could set a boolean variable isRight to false. If they guess, flip it to true, then after the for loop, check the boolean and print if !isRight. See if you can make that work =)

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    05 Dec 2013 - 16:30
    hi my friend...could you send me the full java code with the hotel reservation(
    ...please send me at
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    28 Jun 2010 - 12:13
    When I read your signature I had this urge to respond with "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail..."
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