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  1. In Topic: Values of arrays changes without a "return" statement

    Posted 29 Apr 2016

    Many thanks.
  2. In Topic: Values of arrays changes without a "return" statement

    Posted 29 Apr 2016

    Hi modi123_1, can you explain why the notArray variable does not retain its new value in post #1. I understand the array is passed by Reference. For example using, if I do the following,

    Private notArray As Integer = 1 
    Private Sub ChangeNotArray()       
        notArray += 100 
    End Sub

    notArray will equal 101 after the call.
  3. In Topic: Add Remote SQL server connection details

    Posted 27 Apr 2016

    Try using, Integrated Security=true, in your connection string.
  4. In Topic: Insert the data into data base from Listview column ?

    Posted 27 Apr 2016

    Couple of things here as shown in #post 19 by IronRazer,

    1. Use a For/Next loop, your While loop is NOT decrementing the I counter.
    2. Use & to concatenate the values in your QUERY string.
    3. Set a breakpoint on line 120 then when debugging your code examine what values you have in a, b, c and d.
  5. In Topic: Problem openinig a project in microsoft visual studio

    Posted 27 Apr 2016

    Was trying to find out if you can create a new VB/C# project. Perhaps the best way to proceed is for you to download the latest Visual Studio Community 2015 edition, it's free, and see if that works. It will install alongside your current version.



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