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Icon   guyfromri very exciting things happening for the new year -- i'm hoping all my fellow D.i.C.ers are going to support me in my endeavors :)

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  1. In Topic: Need help with url rewrite code in .htaccess file

    Posted 10 Jan 2015

    Two things I learned about this.

    1) You have to write the rules for each rewrite line.
    2) The rewrite base is actually the source. So if you're on a localhost right now, the base would be localhost/yoursite/neighborhood. If your file that you want to access, neighborhood in the case, is in a subdirectory, the base has to show the whole path.

    Also, the dollar sign represents a variable. In this case it's variable "1". If you want neighborhood.html to have that variable in the get, you'll have to pass it as I show below. The conditions show it not to look at file names and directories the same as it would a file that could cause a 404.

    Try this. There are a few variations but this should help.

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /yoursite/path_to_neighborhood.html
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^Los-Angeles/?$ Neighborhood.html/$1 [NC,L]
  2. In Topic: Fetching into combo box

    Posted 3 Jan 2015

    Try this for the SQL. Your way is comparing the string in the combobox to the dat field in your table as an apples to apples instead of a date to date. If you want to actually compare dates and be able to update your code and tables with ease, try this.

    sql = "select tblvehicle.vehnum1 from tblvehicle,tblBooking where (tblvehicle.vehnum1 <> tblBooking.vehnum) or (DATEVALUE(tblBooking.dat) = " & DATEVALUE(DTPicker1.Value) & ")"

    If you're using Visual Studio and this is standard forms, try this for your AddItem

    Hope it helps :)
  3. In Topic: Using Paypal with recurring payments

    Posted 29 Dec 2014

    Thanks all. I'm going to look in to some of the different options and see what's available. Definitely good to know what I'm getting in to before I make the jump. Once I do it, I'll try to make my own beginners notes and add them here for anyone else.

    Thanks again!
  4. In Topic: Another attempt at defending brute force attacks

    Posted 25 Dec 2014

    So I have thought about this and there is one method I really like that is used by my banking app and a lot of corporations.

    There is a lot of useful data coming from the user but what it you quantified the login data a little? Maybe when the user signs up, make them pick an image from a list of 50. (Something silly like a smiley face or a palm tree.) Then when logging in, the user selects the image from 6 potential in random order, enters name and enters password. When the user changes their password, suggest that they select a new image as well.

    In my mind, if the user has a password that doesn't match the existing password(first 5 characters, last 5, first 1, whatever data may be close if it was a typo) and picks the wrong image 3 times as well, it is much more likely a hacking attempt.

    It can work in other ways too such as a pin that corresponds with your password but by adding an additional variable, you're going to really increase the security from this type of attack and not lock out potentially good users who may have updated their password and made a simple mistake. On the flip side of the coin, these methods could seem overly tasking for your users depending on your demographic. Just my thoughts.
  5. In Topic: Multiple queries for relational database - is it too much?

    Posted 24 Dec 2014

    FYI - I solved this with GROUP_CONCAT

    It definitely worth a read. It takes multiple children and groups them in to an array under the parent in the query result.

    It looks like this now

    SELECT t4.Name, t4.Description, t4.DisplayOrder, 
    GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(, ':', t43.Size, ':', t43.Price ORDER BY t43.DisplayOrder) AS PriceArray,
    GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(, ':', t44.ItemName, ':', t44.Price ORDER BY t44.DisplayOrder) AS OptionArray,
    GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(, ':', t42.DisplayOrder ORDER BY t42.DisplayOrder) AS DisclaimerArray
    FROM 05_menu_01_t4 t4
    LEFT JOIN 05_menu_02_t43 t43
    ON = t43.ParID
    AND = 1
    LEFT JOIN 05_menu_02_t44 t44
    ON = t44.ParID
    AND = 1
    LEFT JOIN 05_menu_02_t42_main t42
    ON IN (SELECT 05_menu_02_t42_links.T42ID 
    	      FROM 05_menu_02_t42_links
    	      WHERE T4ID =
    WHERE = 1
    AND t4.TempID = $ParID
    ORDER BY t4.DisplayOrder");

    In this query, I'm pulling data from 4 tables now and it's coming across perfectly for script/array use.

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