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Icon   guyfromri very exciting things happening for the new year -- i'm hoping all my fellow D.i.C.ers are going to support me in my endeavors :)

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  1. In Topic: Merchant Services - Payment Processing on a Website with auto-renew

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    lol I get better info from DIC than the PayPal people....about PayPal.

    Thanks for the help :) Much appreciated!
  2. In Topic: Merchant Services - Payment Processing on a Website with auto-renew

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    You would think so....

    I'm going to read up on the fine print there but I actually called and talked to someone who said the only option was an email which sounded very off to me.

    Do you have any personal experience with this?

    Thanks for the links!
  3. In Topic: Searching a complex array and returning values based on key?

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    So after reading your answer and thinking about it, I re-evaluated about a dozen pages on my site that I had set up similar tables for. Thanks very much for the objective input. I changed around the way I was setting up my tables and querying the data which looks like it's going to streamline things on a few different levels. Much appreciated! Sometimes you get so in to doing something that it becomes complicated and convoluted when it doesn't have to be and you need a good really helped out a lot! :)
  4. In Topic: Searching a complex array and returning values based on key?

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

    The Ref table has a series of ID's. These ID's represent food types. Once I assign them to an array, I want to reference the MasterRef table and return the value of that ID. So if the array contains ID[1], the Ref table will show ID[1] = "American".

    What do you recommend? I've also been playing with array search but am I way off base here?

  5. In Topic: PHP profile page

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    This is more a matter of personal preference. You can put the code all in the same page but if your page is very large, then it becomes hard to debug. Plus if you have to populate the same data somewhere else, you're going to have to re-write that code then maintain it in both areas when you update your site.

    I personally prefer to create a sub-directory for that page, write a bunch of smaller files and use includes on the page to populate data. You can use the same includes anywhere else in the site, if you ever want to and you can debug your code much easier(for me anyway).

    The other option too is a file that holds all your code to populate content that is set up with functions. You can have one file and use functions for each piece of content. This is still beneficial because you could use the same code to populate multiple pages and not have to debug 30 lines where you're only trying to find one.

    That's just my opinion - Hope this helps :)

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