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  1. In Topic: Game Development Discussion

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    Thats brilliant put forward Magius , a good algorithm to do a simple Game Engine atleast....

    Thanks RollaJ ... I will keep this in mind :)
  2. In Topic: Game Development Discussion

    Posted 2 Oct 2012

    Done some research in google and found some very very interesting suggestions.. Especially this article .... I am really leaning towards to XNA now.. It is now either C++ (Visual C++ Express) or XNA (C#)...

    Thing here is... i just literally don't know what a Game Engine does, that's why i just asked which one is good and whether its good to use. I would have tried surely to read and code in C++ to create a window, background colors, menus, timers (triggering DB for creating fixtures, match results,etc.,)... But what i worried is, i don't want another break down in this attempt. I already began and broke down in my attempt to create this same game a year ago... ( I went for PHP & MySQL - online version)... Thats why i am extra careful this time.

    Once i start doing atleast something, then i will start knowing more i think.... Then, we can have even more productive discussion..

    I will just a do a simple game first through C++ and then through XNA... then, i will work out which one i find suitable for me? good? .... For C++, this tutorial will help me i think? or any other good one exist?.... C++ and SFML (SFML can be used in XNA too... so, kinda reduce my work)... okay?
  3. In Topic: Game Development Discussion

    Posted 27 Sep 2012

    Thanks Magius, ButchDean and Bbeck... After reading all your suggestion, i decided some things but need a little more details on Game Engine.

    Can you tell me what are good Game Engines available as free? Also what language we have to use in it for coding? like x Game Engine and C++ language like that...

    My friends wanted to go for smartphones since it is the hot market now.. But for me, PC is always best and thats where i am aiming.. So with Game Engine information, i will trim down my target audience and we will move to next step.
  4. In Topic: Game Development Discussion

    Posted 27 Sep 2012

    @darek .... Between i said, i am more than a beginner.... not a beginner..
  5. In Topic: Game Development Discussion

    Posted 27 Sep 2012


    Haha... Just being modest is always a safe bet to have a good and long discussion. Truth is, in all my 5 years of course study, i was forced to switch between C, C++, Java, C# and PHP with requirements of semester subject thrown up. At the moment, i can code in all languages but if you ask me to choose one for in-depth programming like what gaming depends, then problems raises in my mind. For example, i didn't got a chance to touch on graphics in C and C++. But java, i was forced to learn Applets (I hate it completely). Then came Javascript (was really excited in learning it) but was never thought beyond than very basic like calling fn when a button is clicked. Then did my 7th semester project in MATLAB (Automatic cricket highlights generation)... IN 8th semester, setting with C# and in 9th semester, PHP.. Then again in 10th semester project, used JAVA Swing (cricket related project).

    So in almost each semester i was learning a new language, thus i can't able to proceed further in previously learned language. Each semester had 6 papers, so hands are tied in extra time readings.

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