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  1. In Topic: Java Chat Application with (client server )springs

    Posted 28 Nov 2014

    Please, do not PM people to get help.

    Also, you need to be a bit more specific as to what you want to do, give some details as to what architecture you want to put in place. Using Spring is all well and good, but why do you want to use it specifically, what problem is it going to solve for you? Otherwise, you will never get an answer.
  2. In Topic: When I run my code anything is happen..

    Posted 28 Nov 2014

    View PostJamie24, on 28 November 2014 - 09:22 AM, said:

    View Postandrewsw, on 28 November 2014 - 12:08 AM, said:

    I assume you mean that nothing is happening?

    How do you know, as you don't output (print) anything?

    I am new to python language but I though that return loadGraphFile(open(file)) will have an output.

    Where do you call loadGraphFileName, though? Is that all the code?
  3. In Topic: Swing - How Do You Add a Second Row of Buttons

    Posted 28 Nov 2014

    There are lots of different ways to achieve what you want to do, but in the end it all boils down to understanding layouts.

    The default layout manager on the content pane of a JFrame is a BorderLayout, so this means you can only add (vertically) to NORTH, CENTER and SOUTH. Either you change the default layout to something that will allow you to add more rows (like a GridLayout, but chances are this won't look good enough for you, so you'll have to investigate more complicated layouts like BoxLayout or GridBagLayout), or you add the two rows of buttons to a JPanel (with the suitable layout), which you will then add to the SOUTH of the content pane's BorderLayout.
  4. In Topic: Swing UI not responding properly

    Posted 28 Nov 2014

    Odd, at first glance, it seems ok. What happens when you this.pack()? Does it display properly? Have you also tried to put the elements on a JPanel and then add it to the frame?
  5. In Topic: JList guidance

    Posted 27 Nov 2014

    Your main problem is that you are holding a reference to
    in Main that you keep adding into the list in
    . When you modify this instance, all the elements in the list point to the same reference, so they all appear to be updated at the same time.

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