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  1. In Topic: Book Suggestions

    Posted 28 Jan 2013

    @jon.kiparsky that is a good suggestion I'd love to try and write a compiler for Java whether i'd succeed is a different story but I will look into that. I'm under no illusions that I will read all these books from cover to cover. I just prefer to learn by reading books, rather than online resources and I will use a book as a reference in the future. I think I understand enough to just cherry pick sections of interest. I often find that a book covers things that are missed even in the best online resources.

    @modi123_1 I wasn't aware of that, the DIC search only brought up beginner book requests or requests from 2010, at least 2 or 3 of the topics I am interested in have evolved significantly enough since then to warrant a revised edition of any book.
  2. In Topic: Book Suggestions

    Posted 28 Jan 2013

    @ThrowsException The link looks very interesting will have a read of that at some point, and will also check out the books you mentioned.

    View Postandrewsw, on 28 January 2013 - 05:41 AM, said:

    A little bit of Googling should sort this out..

    lol, yes it would but I would probably never have the enthusiasm to do it... If it was in a book it would be forced upon me. Not a book solely on project types, but if a book on Java covered the different types.
  3. In Topic: Book Suggestions

    Posted 28 Jan 2013

    Thanks for the reply andrewsw, I will definitely look at Javascript: The Definitive Guide, I am aware of C# in a Nutshell and it is definitely a consideration but I was swayed towards C# in Depth as I have read a few of John Skeet's answers on SO and I like his simple explanations.

    Unfortunately I seem to have OCD as I hate seeing something I know nothing about, every time I fire NetBeans or Eclipse up I see a tonne of project types etc that I know nothing about and I really don't like that.

    Edit: I can't even make up Regex as I go along, I have no idea what all the symbols mean and when I try writing one it never captures what I expected it to capture... I need a simple explanation of all the symbols etc...
  4. In Topic: Outsourcing data entry

    Posted 9 Jan 2013

    lol, i'm not sure I could afford you AnalyticLunatic but thanks for the offer
  5. In Topic: Outsourcing data entry

    Posted 9 Jan 2013

    it will be something like 100,000 + products the data isn't confidential. Basically our suppliers will give us a basic spreadsheet with a short description etc I need to add the extended description, pictures and other relevant information to it. This information can be acquired from manufacturer websites. The manufacturer will not give me a database backup or export this extra info for me. Some supplier websites are ok and I have screen scraped the data I need, but some use different part numbers than we do in the UK, so it requires manually finding the product by navigating through categories, or some merge different product descriptions and it is impossible/very difficult to distinguish between the two programatically. Another hurdle is that different manufacturers use different abbreviations or acronyms for the same things, whereas I want this to be uniform, so a lot of the work requires a human eye...

    An extension to this is that I am not always aware of these issues until I come across them, so if I were to do some of these things programatically I could end up with bad data and be unaware...

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