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  1. In Topic: RichTextBlock printing using PrintPage event of PrintDocument (.Net 4)

    Posted 6 Jun 2013

    Stumbled on http://www.davidpoll...-silverlight-4/ which looks like it will work for me as well though creating the custom control is a bit big for this minor print job...if anyone runs across something less involved shoot me a link...else looks like I will be going this route...
  2. In Topic: RichTextBlock printing using PrintPage event of PrintDocument (.Net 4)

    Posted 6 Jun 2013

    Yeah those would be great except this is not using System.Drawing.Printing.... This is utilizing a Silverlight 5 app and thus uses System.Windows.Printing dll... What does this mean? Well it means I do not get great things like

    e.Graphics.DrawString(line, printFont, Brushes.Black, leftMargin, yPos, new StringFormat());

    unfortunately. I have only http://msdn.microsof...g(v=vs.95).aspx and thus why I used the approach I outlined. Theoretically even using the method I am which takes in the UIElement instead of just text...I should be able to either resize the rich text box (I would think) to the size of whatever page dynamically or, in some way strip out the text, place it in a control that does NOT show a border etc...but I have not figured that portion out yet.

    Thanks though I did read those articles and test that...sorry I did not want to list out the various (many) pages I have tried and failed to find answers on.

    I should further add that I also realize that the PrintPageEventArgs.PrintableArea Property exists but I know that it only clips the page when it exceeds the size thus why I felt that finding a way to dynamically size the text box would be best...and one other parameter is that it'll never be more than one page so we do not have to consider that aspect ever.
  3. In Topic: Soft delete with entity framework 4.1

    Posted 4 Sep 2012

    Pretty sure you have to grab the customer (as indicated by the message) and remove that instance of the customer as well. You are basically deleting one column from a junction table but not the subsequent if you're junction table is:

    Department/ are removing the department and leaving the customer...but the customer has to have a department and thus, this save errors out. That instance needs both key values else both key values need to be handled....

    So....You have to get the entity dept and entity customer that you need for this delete and remove the relationship from both sides...not just one.

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