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Icon   chuckjessup All moved, still on my netbook, after the crash i have to rebuild everything, which sucks, but hey thats life...

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chuckjessup's Blog > SNIPPET : SMTP w/SSL authentication Works tested over many times. (VB6.0)

Posted 06 January 2012

This snippet will allow you to send mail from a ssl smtp account (Gmail) from your vb6 application. There are a few things you will need to do this.


MS CBO for windows 2000 added as a reference....
you have to have a email for you to use for bouncing smtp from. Gmail is free and will allow you to use the smtp server.

You may want...

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chuckjessup's Blog > New Control, Based off an idea gained from VS2010.

Posted 26 April 2011

I have been working on and have completed a control that will act as a bench mark timer for set processes. I wrote it for a program I have been writing, and have decided to release the current version's OCX, and source code.

How to use the control:
There are a few items that are necessary to point out, the code follows, starting the timer, a...

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chuckjessup's Blog > A some what more advanced string encryption method.

Posted 22 April 2011

I have been looking for a way to encrypt a string for use in a simple file database, the only ones i could find were static values with in the passkey, which meant that say my name 'Jesse' with a key of 4 useing simple shift patterns was "Niwwi" whic given some time would be really simple to crack. This was not good enough for...

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chuckjessup's Blog > Dealing with a "simple" Database system... Yeah Right!

Posted 19 March 2011

As many who actually care to follow this or find any delight in my posting "Simple" questions on the VB forums, you are then no stranger to my new found love of random access files. or any files that aren't associated with a recognized database handler, such as Access, SQL, DB or others... simply 'cause i just don't want to...

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chuckjessup's Blog > my log in tut... for VB 6.0

Posted 20 October 2010

In my watching the vb forums I have seen several different posts regarding user long in and security of programs and files. Also I have noted that they don't generally get easy to understand answers, the purpose of this tutorial will be to work with ones who wish to secure their applications.

There are several ways to secure a program, and...

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