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delete > Research

Posted 01 June 2011

I wrote this up for my blog, but thought I would copy and paste it here as some of you might like it. Please, PLEASE give me some feedback on not only the content, but also the writing style. I am trying to work on both at the same time :P

The problem from this week for my Project Euler series...

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delete > Optimization (Premature or Excessive)

Posted 29 April 2011

Premature Optimization refers to the process of optimizing incomplete code, or optimizing a program before that program is even finished. Excessive Optimization refers to adding absurd amounts of optimization to a program that do not result in any noticeable gains.

I am bringing these two points up now because they directly relate to what is...

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delete > Google is your friend. Don't neglect your friends.

Posted 17 March 2010

I have had people thank me for helping them out time and time again, when the advice I have given did not come from my own head, and was not in my head long enough for me to even remember at this point. How do I do this you ask? Actually I don't think most people reading this would ask because you all already know the answer. Our friend...

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delete > Code Block Comments, the good, the bad, and the ugly

Posted 17 March 2010

I have found myself giving advice (novice though I may be) to people who are having problems finding the missing bracket, or parentheses, or what have you. This has occurred both in these forums here and in other places throughout my wondrous journeys. I am of the school of thought that no matter how little knowledge you have there is someone...

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