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  1. In Topic: Applying on a small software company that uses c# with no any EXP.

    Posted 27 Apr 2015

    The advice I'd give you is to not only depend on the programming knowledge that your school has taught you. Most software companies want to hire someone who is at least an intermediate or advanced programmer. While you're job hunting you can improve your programming knowledge by learning more advanced C# stuff like, multitasking, applications that talk over network protocols etc etc. Basic knowledge wont be enough, the beautiful thing about programming and technology is that there is always room to learn something new and to always improve. While you're at it if you can add and learn another language to your library that would make you even more marketable
  2. In Topic: retrieve jsp table cell values using javascript

    Posted 12 Apr 2015

    this is the sample code I was using to test around with getting values

    function test()

    I would be using the values of effective date cell and expiry date cell on each row to do some quick validation

    in the example that you gave me, If I use row.cells[j] in the 2nd for loop I should be able to get the value of that specific cell?
  3. In Topic: Question for intermediate skilled programmers.

    Posted 30 Mar 2015

    C was the first programming language I learned. After C i jumped into Java. The hardest thing for me to understand was the whole "Object Oriented" concepts. C is a procedural language and its not object oriented, but coming into Java, trying to understand what object oriented is and its use was kinda confusing for me. But after further studying and research I came to understand how powerful it is, and how Object oriented is required for GUI applications etc etc.
  4. In Topic: Visual Studio 2013 InstallShield ?

    Posted 29 Mar 2015

    I tried using installshield for visual studio 2012 and it also gave me problems. I researched online and found that in visual studio 2013, Microsoft brought back the functionality that allows you to create setup files just like how it was in visual studio 2010.
    Here's the link Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects
  5. In Topic: *** Subtraction tool with java ***

    Posted 23 Feb 2015

    1. You can create 2 variables, and assign them random integers.
    2. compare the 2 variables with an if function to make sure number 1 is >= greater than number 2
    3. System.out.print to output the question to student
    4. have a variable that will take the user's input.
    5. calculate to see if the user answer is correct.

    Show us what code you have so far, and we can go from there.

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