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  1. In Topic: What is it like to work for a major tech company?

    Posted 2 Jul 2015


    This thread will give you a good idea of what reduce does and how you can organize a Reverse Polish Notation without the need to mutate any state.

    You'll notice I keep doing b ), mainly because of some odd forum bug that things b and close paren make a smily face in code blocks...
  2. In Topic: What is it like to work for a major tech company?

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    Puzzlers is a good book, but I'd start with Functional Programming in Scala (Manning published, red cover)
  3. In Topic: What is it like to work for a major tech company?

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    If you want tips on how to get through those interviews, the single best piece of advice I can give is to learn Functional Programming. Most of the 'hard' problems they ask are rather well trivialized in that paradigm, require less to memorize, and are far easier to reason about in small pieces.

    I've had people come in and choose Java as their language and write some monstrous 50 line method for something like path explosion ('a.b.c.d, a.b.d' -> {a: {b: c: { d: {}}, d{}}}) whereas those who used Ruby, Scala, Javascript, or any other language with functional leanings delivered in under 10 lines. Good ones did it in 3. (Yes, this is a relevant problem for Kafka message streaming among other log statistic parsing. I don't ask what we don't use.)

    For any category of transformation, numerical, or searching problems, you're going to want to know that. Take a wordcount problem in Scala for instance:


    I honestly think most students do themselves a drastic disservice by avoiding the paradigm as whole slews of interview problems are exponentially easier to reason about when you grok the mindframe.
  4. In Topic: What is it like to work for a major tech company?

    Posted 1 Jul 2015

    I don't have a non-compete and I work at Sony on the PS4 team. Probably because we keep stealing people from Microsoft and Adobe and want to stay on good terms. Now I still have bits about anything I make while there is their property and things like that, but that's standard.

    If you can get into either of those two, you won't have a problem finding other work it you don't like it. It's the nature of the Bay Area that you can have a new job in a week if you're really bent to. The precursor though is you have to be good to pull that off. I routinely get calls from Apple, Facebook, Nike, Amazon, Twitter, Tesla, and other major companies. The catch? I study like a madman and spend most of my nights working on Open Source, Tech book reviews, and things for the community. If you're not willing to dedicate hard time to it out here it's going to be rough.

    Just remember that there's a reason they're considered the top companies, their interviews will rock your world. I've known many a junior level that thought they were hot stuff that got royally owned in the first 10 minutes. I conduct interviews here, I should know. The second a whiteboard comes up most of them tend to panic or forget everything they've ever known.
  5. In Topic: ruby reverse polish notation

    Posted 1 Jul 2015

    Check the above addendum to that post.

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    hdr Icon

    25 Mar 2014 - 00:45
    Hey are you the same lemur who used to be around the Computer Help Forums? I haven't been there since forever, but I saw your username and it looked familiar.
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    ric1989 Icon

    08 Mar 2014 - 07:56
    im a college student studying asp.net, html, css, java, and unity. Im pursuing a bachelor in computer science
    I wanted to know exactly what it takes to become a front-end web developer?
    How do i make an online portfolio?
    I've made simple html database page
    as class project.
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    mimimintan Icon

    14 Sep 2013 - 20:43
    Haha... I'm trying to get into development but I'm having a rough time. q w q Definitely not for the weak hearted I'm noticing. I think I still want to focus more on drawing, but programming seems like a new medium I want to explore, you know? >:3 (Yeah, I'm one of those brats who suddenly wants to make games with no previous experience hur...) It's good that you still d...
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    mimimintan Icon

    13 Sep 2013 - 04:35
    Just stalked and found your deviantArt (aka clicked "portfolio" out of curiosity)... Even though it's been a while since you've posted (I understand), there's some pretty neat stuff, I gotta say :D Just thought I'd drop by and say that.
  5. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    15 Dec 2012 - 23:42
    Good point. BTW, ran into Andrew this morning. First thing he said to me was "Sorry I haven't got back to your friend, busy week at work" Expect to hear from him.
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    PokeSTrainer Icon

    02 Oct 2011 - 17:49
    Hey Weaver
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    macosxnerd101 Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 18:31
    I don't have a Facebook, so DIC profiles are like Facebook for me. :p
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    thefreemenucom Icon

    14 Mar 2010 - 10:21
    Added cuz of your reply to super browser : )
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