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  1. In Topic: Gingko

    Posted 11 Dec 2014

    My problem was always that my notes were abstract in format and grew in different parts too fast, forcing me to rewrite parts, so paper was out for complex ideas. Bullet points are hard to keep track of, and blend together after a while, so that was out too. This allows me the benefits of markdown, abstract layouts, and being able to drop through large amounts of data in my head.

    Time consuming and distracting? I don't think so.
  2. In Topic: Languages every programmer should know (link)

    Posted 6 Dec 2014

    If you get programming advice from a Business site, you're going to have a bad time.

    Now as far as real advice, you're going to want to learn one language from the following categories:

    Imperative / OO

    Smalltalk, C, C++, C#, Java, VB


    Haskell, Erlang, Elixir, F#, OCaml, ML, Scala


    Ruby, Python, Perl, TCL


    Clojure, Common Lisp, Scheme, Racket


    Javascript, Livescript, Coffeescript, Clojurescript


    Note that that's a shorter list and some of those fall in different categories.
  3. In Topic: Best up to date book for beginners learning ruby/rails?

    Posted 15 Nov 2014

    The Rails Tutorial Site is up to date.
  4. In Topic: Internet Trolls Video

    Posted 9 Nov 2014

    View Postmodi123_1, on 09 November 2014 - 08:12 PM, said:

    I prefer Jay and Silent Bob's troll beat down. I would spend a potion of the lottery to head out with a brute squad and metting out justice.

    English plx: https://www.youtube....h?v=vuBWbpTJRqk
  5. In Topic: New Minecraft Thread

    Posted 31 Oct 2014

    I'd probably go with a Whitelist system if I did. Longtimers like Neo would be on not a problem, but I'd rather not straight public open it to anyone that drops by either. Makes for a mess, especially with FTB enhancements.

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June 22, 1990
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Brandon Weaver
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Ruby, Javascript, Elixir, BASH, Haskell, Common Lisp, Scala, Clojure, C#, Perl, Python, and way too many others to reconcile with.

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  1. Photo

    hdr Icon

    25 Mar 2014 - 00:45
    Hey are you the same lemur who used to be around the Computer Help Forums? I haven't been there since forever, but I saw your username and it looked familiar.
  2. Photo

    ric1989 Icon

    08 Mar 2014 - 07:56
    im a college student studying asp.net, html, css, java, and unity. Im pursuing a bachelor in computer science
    I wanted to know exactly what it takes to become a front-end web developer?
    How do i make an online portfolio?
    I've made simple html database page
    as class project.
  3. Photo

    mimimintan Icon

    14 Sep 2013 - 20:43
    Haha... I'm trying to get into development but I'm having a rough time. q w q Definitely not for the weak hearted I'm noticing. I think I still want to focus more on drawing, but programming seems like a new medium I want to explore, you know? >:3 (Yeah, I'm one of those brats who suddenly wants to make games with no previous experience hur...) It's good that you still d...
  4. Photo

    mimimintan Icon

    13 Sep 2013 - 04:35
    Just stalked and found your deviantArt (aka clicked "portfolio" out of curiosity)... Even though it's been a while since you've posted (I understand), there's some pretty neat stuff, I gotta say :D Just thought I'd drop by and say that.
  5. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    15 Dec 2012 - 23:42
    Good point. BTW, ran into Andrew this morning. First thing he said to me was "Sorry I haven't got back to your friend, busy week at work" Expect to hear from him.
  6. Photo

    PokeSTrainer Icon

    02 Oct 2011 - 17:49
    Hey Weaver
  7. Photo

    macosxnerd101 Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 18:31
    I don't have a Facebook, so DIC profiles are like Facebook for me. :p
  8. Photo

    thefreemenucom Icon

    14 Mar 2010 - 10:21
    Added cuz of your reply to super browser : )
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