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  1. In Topic: Internships

    Posted 12 May 2015

    Firstly, this line:


    ... Google, AOL, TripAdvisor - and many highly coveted internship hosts - ...

    AOL is coveted? Anyways, this read way too much like business double-speak. That's fine if you're looking in the Midwest and areas where they tend to care about that type of stuff, but it's bunk on the west coast.

    The steps listed are absolutely going to gimp your changes in that book, that's how you get HRs attention. That MIGHT get you on someones desk if you've fit every ridiculous buzzword criteria they have because guess what? They're not engineers, which seriously weakens your chances. Know how most people get jobs in the real world? Connections. No one's going to pay attention to your LinkedIn profile before you have experience, and connecting really won't do too much unless you manage to meet other engineers.

    You want to know what's going to get you into considerations for internships faster than anything else? Get active. Be on Stackoverflow answering questions, be committing to Open Source projects, blog about what you've learned, get active on Twitter, and get on IRC for any language that interests you, show up to hackathons, and any tech conference in your area is a veritable gold mine.

    I've interviewed a number of intern candidates for a major company, and I can tell you what I tend to do in an interview.

    If you list that you're a fast learner able to pick something up, I'm going to test that. I may well give you a language you've never used with a cheat sheet and see just how fast you can pick up on it.

    If you put 30 languages down, I'm going to drill you on them. The more obscure it is the more likely I'll go after it.

    If you list a functional language, I'm going to test you on higher order functions.

    In essence, if it's on your resume, I'm likely going to test you on it, especially if it's rarer knowledge like Haskell. Be honest and straightforward, because an HR tag cloud means open season.

    Does that make me senselessly cruel towards interns? Possibly, but I'm going to ask you questions from the position you're going at. I hate trick problems, I want to see if you can hold your own in the basics of the job at hand. The lower level you're at (intern being the lowest) the less harsh I'll be on judging that.

    If you're after an internship in Big Data with Hadoop or Spark, you'd better know the basics of what map and reduce are. I can tell someone who's read about something from someone who's tried to implement some of it. Experiment with it and you've already got a leg up.
  2. In Topic: Next language advice

    Posted 12 May 2015

    If you're worried about syntax, go Scheme. It has six core pieces of syntax by which everything else can be defined.
  3. In Topic: Output JSON on page using RoR

    Posted 12 May 2015

  4. In Topic: Is html/css enough to get a job?

    Posted 4 May 2015

    Self answering question is self answered by OP in opening post. What's the point of this topic exactly now?
  5. In Topic: Next language advice

    Posted 1 May 2015

    RPG was also designed with enterprise in mind, do note.

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  1. Photo

    hdr Icon

    25 Mar 2014 - 00:45
    Hey are you the same lemur who used to be around the Computer Help Forums? I haven't been there since forever, but I saw your username and it looked familiar.
  2. Photo

    ric1989 Icon

    08 Mar 2014 - 07:56
    im a college student studying asp.net, html, css, java, and unity. Im pursuing a bachelor in computer science
    I wanted to know exactly what it takes to become a front-end web developer?
    How do i make an online portfolio?
    I've made simple html database page
    as class project.
  3. Photo

    mimimintan Icon

    14 Sep 2013 - 20:43
    Haha... I'm trying to get into development but I'm having a rough time. q w q Definitely not for the weak hearted I'm noticing. I think I still want to focus more on drawing, but programming seems like a new medium I want to explore, you know? >:3 (Yeah, I'm one of those brats who suddenly wants to make games with no previous experience hur...) It's good that you still d...
  4. Photo

    mimimintan Icon

    13 Sep 2013 - 04:35
    Just stalked and found your deviantArt (aka clicked "portfolio" out of curiosity)... Even though it's been a while since you've posted (I understand), there's some pretty neat stuff, I gotta say :D Just thought I'd drop by and say that.
  5. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    15 Dec 2012 - 23:42
    Good point. BTW, ran into Andrew this morning. First thing he said to me was "Sorry I haven't got back to your friend, busy week at work" Expect to hear from him.
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    PokeSTrainer Icon

    02 Oct 2011 - 17:49
    Hey Weaver
  7. Photo

    macosxnerd101 Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 18:31
    I don't have a Facebook, so DIC profiles are like Facebook for me. :p
  8. Photo

    thefreemenucom Icon

    14 Mar 2010 - 10:21
    Added cuz of your reply to super browser : )
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