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  1. In Topic: SQL - group and then count

    Posted 6 Sep 2014

    Thanks for the reply, but I can't really add to this. This will just give me a count of all, I need specific counts for each day for each variable. It becomes much much more complicated than just a union all.
  2. In Topic: SQL - group and then count

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    yes those are the values I am referring to (p.s the values can only be the integers 1 or -1)
  3. In Topic: SQL - group and then count

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    yes I thought of doing an approach like this using java. The problem is calling the database so often affects performance too much.
  4. In Topic: SQL - group and then count

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    Essentially, for each combination of baseVar + baseAttr + baseVal, I am trying to count the number of times every other combination occurs. So for example (not related to my table, just a separate example): VarB + Attr2 + value=-1 occurred 29 times and when it occurred 29 times, VarA + Attr1 + value=1 occurred 15 times, VarA + Attr1 + value=-1 occurred 6 times and so on. This would repeat for until I went through all the combination.
  5. In Topic: Multiple threads not inserting everything into MySQL

    Posted 21 Jun 2014

    Sorry can this reply be deleted

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