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Icon   mapmd1234 Caffeine gives you more energy and brain power, it causes your blood to pump faster, sending more oxygen to everything. *tip*

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  1. In Topic: game being flagged as potential virus

    Posted 14 Jun 2014

    my only question for you is the following:
    how would I modify that chunk of code you gave me to tweak it to still create specialized folders for each character that my game saves files for??

    IE: what do I need to do string wise in vs to get it to add my chunk of code to the end, to make the custom folders within that environment variable? I already know that that is going to trip me up
  2. In Topic: game being flagged as potential virus

    Posted 13 Jun 2014

    I was afraid of that... yea I looked into the certificates, and I'm sorry, as much as I want to plop down the money to get a certificate, I work a crap job and I just cannot afford 100 bucks a year for something that I am going to be giving away for free.

    I love comodo, so I more than trust them for the job, but as I stated previously, I work a crap job and just cannot afford to esentially give away 100 bucks a year for a free program to be verified. I'll just have to have a smaller userbase of fans that are willing to test their luck with unsigned software for a free game.

    as much as I hate that, thats what its going to boil down to from my end.
  3. In Topic: game being flagged as potential virus

    Posted 13 Jun 2014

    is it at all possible, to get a security certificate/software publisher certificate at no cost, and from a trusted source?
    so far I am not finding anything, and on top of that, the article from microsoft has a dead link thats supposed to take you to the page you apply for one at. so I have no way to get there....

    I hope its possible to get one for free, but I'm doubtful.
  4. In Topic: game being flagged as potential virus

    Posted 13 Jun 2014

    thanks very much for the respective links!
  5. In Topic: game being flagged as potential virus

    Posted 13 Jun 2014

    Ok, how do you suggest I proceed from here then?
    I was completely unaware that what I was doing was so frowned upon. needless to say this is the first real major project I have ever undertaken, and I do not have any guidelines for what to do or not to do in my head as of yet.

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July 17, 1991
computers, technology, now programming in fishing, the furry fandom, anime, digital art, social networks, cats/kittens and anything chibi or cute. LOTR series, POTC series, and many many more movies. bleach, inuyasha, digimon(all), the ORIGINAL pokemon because its since gone downhill fast, tenchi series, and many many more anime series.
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some html, dabbled in trying to learn php, basic javascript, and currently working for my new programming class

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