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  1. In Topic: program saving user selected image and reloading it upon program load

    Posted 19 Jul 2012

    nice...thanks, and I personally look forward to it, and I'm sure that there is/will be many other people that will gain much use out of this tutorial...

    can you either pm me with the link, or just post the link to this thread once you get it done please??

    also, thank you once are a life saver...
  2. In Topic: program saving user selected image and reloading it upon program load

    Posted 19 Jul 2012

    holy crap tlhIn`toq...THAT was WAAAAY over my head...insanely awesome coding example, but would I be able to ask you to give me an example that would pertain to my games code...cause yes, that was very explanitory and awesome, but I am not sure how to impliment that into my code x.x"

    so my requested example for some of my code would be, say something like the following, just so that I can try to get a grasp on what I need to do for my own game's code...

    ok, say that I want code for, say, 2-4 game character accounts...

    each account, in order to not make too awefully much work/to large of a request, cause with a small example I SHOULD be able to get the idea and go from there...

    say, for simplicity, that each account has the following systems/stats I need values/class examples for

    systems : skills system(like metal crafting, where each item made would add exp to the skill, and allow for better results for the same item made the last time)

    combat profession: where each extra stat point spent on a given skill used in said profession would, say, increase the damage dealt in comparison to another class, with the character having the exact same skill points...

    and then the characters information itself

    like health, max health, and for a few stats, say strength, endurance(health) and agility(for blocking)...

    how would I start out, and continue working from there, on an over all top-level class, and then how would I go about making child classes on from that parent class??

    if you would be able and willing to provide me with example code specifically ustilizing my games code given from my description, that would (in theory, and heres hoping) allow me to better grasp what it is that you are saying, and giving examples of in your last post... cause I still dont quite get it... we did work with classes in my intermediate programming class, and I kinda passed it...sorta...almost failed but still passed... and we did VERY LITTLE with class files, classes, and we did NOT nest classes...nor did we do anything nearly as advanced, or even argueably advanced at all, wit hthe class files that we worked with in the programming class...

    thanks either way...and sorry I've not been on here much got......busy...
  3. In Topic: comic gallery script php knowledge, only moding smarts

    Posted 19 Jul 2012

    ahh...sorry, yea, that would probably help just a bit...and sorry for my late reply...just now was able to get on my pc...

    the titles are as follows, and I've tweaked this a few times now...

    1=TwoKinds Kickstarter RP Comic Cover
    2=TwoKinds Kickstarter RP Comic Page 1
    3=TwoKinds Kickstarter RP Comic Page 2
  4. In Topic: program saving user selected image and reloading it upon program load

    Posted 5 Jul 2012

    I VERY VERY much LOVE the amount of tips, tricks, and recomendations that you have given me, the only problem that I have seen RIGHT off the bat is that no the player is NOT a member of a player class...I very much struggled with classes in my programming class, so I have EVERYTHING for the players, account data wise, meaning stats and the likes, set, saved, and loaded to/from a module dedicated to such data...and all of the data for every other system, IE professions, hobbies (like cooking, herblore, stuff like that) in its own module, as well as things such as specializations (example, metal smithing, fletching, and stuff like that) as well in its own module...

    would you be able to provide me a link to a tutorial on how to create class files in order for me to be able to make said data run from a class file??

    thanks either way, and I'll be reading up on the other information/tutorials regarding everything else...

    thanks very, VERY much #2 tlhIn`toq
  5. In Topic: source file different than when it was compiled

    Posted 5 Jul 2012

    ok, my debug mode was set to active(release)
    and the platform was active(x86)

    and as for the problem being fixed...the cleaning solution/project, and rebuilding solution/project fixed what ever the heck was going on...thanks...

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some html, dabbled in trying to learn php, basic javascript, and currently working in vb6, and as of now, and the middle of this coming january, for my new programming class

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