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  1. In Topic: Sending text messages

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    View Postpanzerfaust67, on 10 April 2014 - 09:51 PM, said:

    No id have to install it what do you recommend

    Haha. I don't use php mail so I'm not a good person to ask.

    Just to get this to work I think any old mail server will do.
    Check this.
    You may already have one installed. If so make sure you have it configured properly.
  2. In Topic: Insert data into Database using PHP ?

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    View Postnarutoninjakid, on 10 April 2014 - 09:48 PM, said:

    Ok i removed the semi colon.

    Link to page if you want to check it out : My link

    I used this on my last work and it worked perfectly. So confused

    Sometimes php is wonky like that. It's important to make sure you don't get used to undefined behavior like this.
    Even if it's defined it might be bad. It's a wacky language. Make sure you don't fall into it's traps.
  3. In Topic: Insert data into Database using PHP ?

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    Also for testing:

    Echo the results of everything.
    All variables, all error codes, all function return values.
    Everything in your php should be printing. At least until you're sure it all works.

    Check to see if your syntax matches the syntax on the php documentation site.

    Place a __LINE__ constant before and after every block, and function call.
    Use like this:

    echo __LINE__;
  4. In Topic: Insert data into Database using PHP ?

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    BTW is this homework?

    If so you should go though the entire thing line by line character by character, and rewrite the entire thing. This would still be good if it's not homework.

    Copy the whole file by hand looking for little things that could be tripping up the code. You will have to do this even when you're experienced and think you know what you're doing sometimes.

    Run each section of new code by itself. Use blocks to decide what code should be added. Block by block run, and test the code.
  5. In Topic: Insert data into Database using PHP ?

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    Also here you have a semicolon where it shouldn't be.
    if($operation == "insert"){
    	    $sql = "INSERT INTO Members (newMemberName, newMemberAddress, newMemberTelephonenumber, newMemberAge, newMemberStartdate, newMemberNumber)VALUES ('$newMemberName','$newMemberAddress','$newMemberTelephonenumber','$newMemberAge','$newMemberStartdate','$newMemberNumber')";
    	    echo 'good insert';
    	};<--------Glaring semicolon

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