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  1. In Topic: Error in uploading "hello-world" to Tmote sky contiki

    Posted 29 Jan 2015

    Probably something like this. The MSP430 is a series of embedded microprocessors from TI.

    From the following pdf.
    Did you connect to the device?


    3.5 Connect the Tmote Sky
    Connect a Tmote Sky to the computer’s USB port. The
    Tmote Sky will appear in the top of the Instant Con-
    tiki (VMware Player) window with the name “Future
    Technologies Device”. Click on the name to connect
    the Tmote Sky to Instant Contiki.

    Other than the above I'm only guessing since I don't have this hardware or software.

  2. In Topic: Intro to C help. printf, scanf. Probably Basic things

    Posted 29 Jan 2015


    I need it to just say 22 cents in change.

    Then you'll probably want to break your calculations out of the print statement and create variables so you can test if the amount is greater than pr equal to one dollar or less than one dollar.

  3. In Topic: undefined reference on the declaration part

    Posted 29 Jan 2015

    Check your spelling it looks like you didn't spell the function name the same everywhere. And remember C++ is case sensitive.

    And in future please cut and paste the error messages, all of them, exactly as they appear in your development environment.


    main.cpp||In function ‘void TableauEntree(int*, int)’:|
    main.cpp|46|warning: no previous declaration for ‘void TableauEntree(int*, int)’ [-Wmissing-declarations]|
    main.cpp||In function ‘int partition(int*, int, int, int)’:|
    main.cpp|76|warning: no previous declaration for ‘int partition(int*, int, int, int)’ [-Wmissing-declarations]|
    obj/Debug/main.o||In function `main':|
    main.cpp|23|undefined reference to `TableauEntre(int*, int)'|
    main.cpp|28|undefined reference to `TableauEntre(int*, int)'|
    obj/Debug/main.o||In function `QuickSort(int*, int, int)':|
    main.cpp|64|undefined reference to `Partition(int*, int, int, int)'|
    ||=== Build finished: 3 errors, 2 warnings (0 minutes, 1 seconds) ===|


    The function TableauEntre() is coded inside of echanger() on line 44.

    Actually it is not inside another function, the indentation style is very misleading and needs to be improved.

  4. In Topic: undefined reference on the declaration part

    Posted 29 Jan 2015

    Please post the complete error messages, exactly as they appear in your development environment. These messages have important information embedded within them to aid in locating and fixing the problems.

  5. In Topic: Destructor error

    Posted 29 Jan 2015

    You need to show more content. But it looks like the second instance of your class is calling a copy constructor, then calling the destructor. The destructor is probably barfing on the delete[] because the default copy constructor didn't call new.


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  1. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    17 Nov 2014 - 08:11
    I like brocken's comment "I don't know much about coding, but it would be really easy".
    Heh.. I don't know anything about the topic, but I know it is easy.
  2. Photo

    brockenglass101 Icon

    22 Oct 2014 - 02:34
    I know that this isn't what this site is for but many people in the pc gaming comunity have been looking for screen magnification program that would zoom in on the center of the screan rather then the cursor (turned on and off with a hotkey). Now, I am not going to lie, I don't know much about coding, but it would be really easy to make program like this one.
    I hope you will find ...
  3. Photo

    KnifeTea Icon

    11 May 2014 - 05:55
    thanks for the help Jim!
  4. Photo

    tarmizi_adam2005 Icon

    04 Dec 2013 - 07:15
    Just stopping by to say Hello Jim. I've learned quite a few things from your posts in the c/c++ forum.
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