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  1. In Topic: Thousand dollar PC Build

    Posted 13 Aug 2013

    Thanks for the advice. It seems as though we'll have to balance cost with future-proofing.
  2. In Topic: Thousand dollar PC Build

    Posted 13 Aug 2013

    I had a look at the i5-4670 ($220) and an Asus Z87-PLUS LGA 1150 ($160). Prices are from newegg.
    It doesn't add too much to the cost and I'm sure the extra performance will make it worthwhile anyway.

    I noticed that there's a 700W power supply in your example build, would something less powerful suffice?
  3. In Topic: Thousand dollar PC Build

    Posted 12 Aug 2013

    View Postmodi123_1, on 13 August 2013 - 02:15 AM, said:

    The processor and motherboard are wrong. Intel's moved on to their 4th gen cores - Haswell. You should be looking at those, the supporting motherboards, and a new fan (the stock fans are dinky).

    Also I would avoid buying memory on Ebay. You have no idea where its from or what its been through.. avoid the headache and get it straight up.

    Is there a case that needs to be purchased?

    Is the powersupply big enough, or has the right connections, for the motherboard/video/cpu?

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    We were looking at the older i5 to save some money, but I guess the new generation isn't that much more expensive. Ill spend some time looking into a different motherboard, too.

    I am using the eBay prices as a reference, and will probably end up buying what I can locally. I've had problems with ram before, and would not wish that situation on anybody...

    That bundle looks pretty awesome, though. I might have to consider going with that instead.
  4. In Topic: Show progress bar progress on windows Taskbar (Win7 Only)

    Posted 25 Sep 2012

    [quote name='RobboD' date='26 September 2012 - 05:52 AM' timestamp='1348599158' post='1709345']
    [quote name='RobboD' date='25 September 2012 - 11:24 AM' timestamp='1348597464' post='1709318']

    View Postkrismania, on 15 April 2010 - 12:44 AM, said:

    Glad I could help :D


    I have just discovered that the behaviour I described in my previous post seems to be random. Sometimes closing and reopening the second form is not a problem. At other times, it is! (About 50% of the time.) You may not be able to reproduce the bug. It may be my system. Should something be reset or disposed when a form is closed maybe?

    Wow, it's been a while since I've been here!

    I'm sorry to say that I've just about forgotten everything that I knew about VB since I posted this tutorial, and really can't be of any help.

    I suggest you start a new thread about the problem and see if someone else who actually has a clue can help you. Feel free to refer to my tutorial or use information from it.

    Once again, I am sorry I can't help. Good luck :D

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    17 Apr 2010 - 02:33
    hi krismania,
    i hope to a v.good in
    what can i do ??
    i`m sorry for you d`ont know me
    i`m ahmed from egypt
    30 y.old
    i`d like to be a friend with you
    do you mind
    sorry agin
    my english is not good
    best regards
    ahmed tharwat
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    01 Apr 2010 - 05:17
    just made my 100th post :D D.I.C is great, thanks for making it ;)
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